Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabulous Fall Treasuries

I've been so lucky to have been included in several treasuries lately. I want to thank Etsy;s AgedandOpulentJewelr for including me in not one, but two!!

Please take a closer look at the work that went in putting these fabulous treasuries together:

Spice it up Treasury:

Falling into Autumn Treasury:

Also, please stop by AgedandOpulentJewelr's Etsy shop to take a look at some mouth-watering vintage jewelry! As a passionate lover of antique jewelry, I'm in Heaven with this eye candy!
It was difficult to choose just a few pieces, but here are a few samples, (including the precious bow brooch, above):

Please visit to see much more - you won't be sorry!

Take care, everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've been a busy bee restocking some sold items in both my handmade and vintage shops. I even sold a few small things by consignment in NYC. It won't break the bank, but it does provide positive feedback and encouragement in our bleak economy.

And, heartfelt thanks to those who have featured my purses in treasuries - you're the best!

I thought I'd share a few of my newest handmade items. I love working with fall colors, so I'm including my first 3 autumn inspired purses for this season.

I also have more fabric flowers in the making for the holiday season.  Oh, would that I could stay holed up all day like an elf in my workshop, but alas, there are other details of daily life that need tending...

Feel free to stop by my handmade shop to see more of these pretty purses:

Most of these have at least one zipped pocket. Althought I've used zipped closures in many of my purses, these have magnetic snap closures. I'd love to know what specific features you all prefer in bags???

Thanks for stopping by!

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