Monday, August 31, 2009

The AshTreeCreations Etsy shop

Ashley, of AshTreeCreations is an art student at the Museum School of Fine Arts, in Boston. Much of her inspiration comes from symbolism - horoscopes, numerology, runes, etc., and that she incorporates into jewelry. You'll also find sea glass jewelry that Ashley makes from beach glass found on the beaches near her home.

I found Ashley's shop to be a haven for the soul, so to speak, where the artist's love of peace and nature are evident. Also, I was delighted to discover that the creations in the AshTreeCreations shop are inspirations in themselves! For example, Ashley has taken the the centering symbol, OM, used as a yoga chant, and made it into a pendant. This small pendant is a great way to carry with you the calming effects of yoga with you throughout the day. It makes a great gift for the yoga person in your life!

Ashley also has a new line called "Positivity: One Word", 100% organic t-shirts that have one embroidered word to help propagate positivity! Ashley inspiration for these shirts arose from a need to create an item that promoted positive thinking during a difficult time for our country. Shirts are available in all sizes, and in blue with brown writing or brown with blue writing. She says that other words are available, and coming soon.

There's also Ashley's necklace for doggy lovers - the perfect necklace for animal lover! That speaks for itself, and as a dog lover, it has a paws up from me!

Please stop by Ashley's AshTreeCreations shop to get a better look at these, as well as her eco friendly "Bowline Bag" - totes made from 100% recycled used sailboat sails!

Grace Organic T-shirt:

Om - the yoga symbol necklace:

Pet Lover's necklace:

Bowline bags:

AshTreeCreations Etsy shop:


Friday, August 28, 2009

Too early for Christmas???

I know I may be rushing the season, but I had to share the wall quilt that was finished too late to list for last year's holiday season. I bought the fabric after taking a quilt class, and thought it would make a great gift item for those who love both quilts and Christmas!

This wall quilt is really a modern heirloom that will last for generations. It's a signed Nancy Halvorsen design, and made of all cotton, (including cotton batting). The border and hand stitched binding consist of a matching plaid print.

I've spent many long hours painstakingly machine stitching around the main designs, which consists of 13 separate themes, each with its own story of Christmas. The central motif is stitched in gold holographic thread, and 10 of the larger panels are edged in high quality quilting cotton, as well as the borders of each panel section.

The backing consists of a pretty gold holly leaf design, and I've provided two ways to hang the quilt. There's a sturdy pocket for those who like traditional decorative rods, and for others who like things more simple and/or contemporary, I've also attached 3
plastic rings for tacks or nails.

28 1/2" wide by 44" tall. (72.5 X 111.5cm).

Take a better look at my sites and shops listed below. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Christmas wall quilt. Nancy Halvorsen. Etsy shop listing:

My sites featuring the Christmas wall quilt:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Etsy shop Jamdeon

The moment you log onto the Jamdeon Etsy shop, you are struck by the most beautiful banner!! For a moment, I paused, trying to decide if this was photography or hand drawn!

Dian, the creator of these lovely ladies, and who has been creating since she was 5 years old, believes that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and also believes that artists mirror truth and reveal their soul in their creations. She shares that she also loves to paint everyday objects such as coffee cups and vegetables, but confesses that her real passion is painting portraits of sophisticated ladies of the 21st century. They are not anyone in particular just a conglomeration of the way she sees them.

I admire anyone who can bring life to hand drawn work, and think that Dian has worked magic in bringing life to her sophisticated ladies and a sense of beautiful romance to her non-human subjects! Please stop by her shop to enjoy more - you won't be sorry!!




Jamdeon's Etsy shop:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For those romantic occasions...

This is yet another in my autumn inspired purse series - a romantic, designer inspired one of a kind handbag that has a very feminine and old-fashioned retro look and feel. It's already earned a number of hearts in my shop in the short time it's been listed.

The outside is 100% silk fabric in a striped pattern with wide bands of green and russet set off by bands of shiny gold. It's embellished with satin ribbon that's attached with hand stitching to mimic ribbon embroidery. The green ribbon used for the stem is edged with metallic gold, and the flower itself is a beautiful deep coral. I've used a large green foil lined bead for the flower's pistil and 3 iridescent beads for the large stamens.

The inside is lined with peach colored organza, with 2 large interior pockets that are machine edge stitched with holographic thread in a floral design.

This purse has the look and feel of days gone by, and because it's vintage inspired, I've decided not used stiff interfacings to keep it rigid. While not fragile in its beauty, it begs to be taken on outings where each moment is savored - romantic evenings for dinner and/or theater, rides in the country, Sunday brunches, and after dinner strolls. If you are looking a very feminine purse for very genteel occasions that are unhurried and romantic, this is the purse for you.

Etsy listing:
Silk and ribbon embroidery handbag. Autumn inspired:

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nina's Custom Designs Artfire shop

Nina, of Nina's Custom Designs Artfire shop, sews adorable children's clothes!! She shares that what you see in her shop the outfits you see in her shop are simply templates that she can use as a basis to create your own custom, one of a kind design. . Your design can consist of whatever theme or character you desire, and she asks that you please contact her with your specific desires.

Nina also creates jewelry for young and young-at-heart females. Please stop by her shop to see more.

Disney Princess Vintage 50's Style Embellished Dress Size 3-5:

Girls Elvis Presley Inspired Customizable Pant Set Size 2-7:

Nina's Custom Designs Artfire shop:


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Etsy shop Altered Beauty

At first glance, one might think that AlteredBeauty's Etsy shop is a very nice shop that has great steampunk jewelry. But, once there, I was enticed to stroll about and learn more about the passion that's put into each and every piece. It became obvious that the creator of this beautiful jewelry is a deep thinker who expresses herself through her art.

The artist's favorite piece is the Atropos necklace, and I have to agree that it's mine, too. The necklace is extremely interesting because of the mythological story behind the Goddess, Atropos, the oldest of the three Fates, who's work involved death and the ultimate destiny of souls.

The necklace is better described in the listing:

"This necklace represents Atropos using three items. The first is a beautifully detailed skull charm, symbolizing death. The second is a tiny pair of scissors, representing her "abhorred shears" used to cut the thread of life. The third item is a beautiful vintage watch movement, representing both the mechanism of death and cycle of life. The chain is long and can easily be slipped over your head without the use of a clasp or toggle. This is truly a one of a kind piece. I will be making jewelry representing the other Moirae as well, but Atropos has always been my favorite so I created this one first."

I'm looking forward to more of such creations. Please stop by AlertedBeauty's shop to take a better look

Atropos Steampunk Necklace

"We" charm bracelet:

Luna charm bracelet:

AlteredBeauty Etsy shop:


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moonangelnay Etsy shop

By now, many of my readers might know how much I love nature, and I especially love photography or artwork that captures beautiful, luscious flowers.

"Nay", (Naomi), of Moonangelnay, personally prints, hand cuts, and signs her Fine art and Abstract Digital Painting Photography prints that she does at home. They are available on Archival Matte, Satin Lustre, Glossy, and beautifully textured 100% cotton rag paper. And, ALL of her work can be offered as Poster Prints, Cotton Canvas Prints, Bonded Perspex Prints or Wooden Artboxes on "Made to Order" requests. Just ask, and she'll set up a reserve listing in your name!

Nay's work can be printed in any size, so if you want a certain photo in a different size than what's listed,just contact her and she'll create a reserve listing for you.

Please stop by the Moonangelnay shop to see more!

Twilight Rose 8x12 Inch Archival Print - Creative Fine Art Photography By Moonangelnay:

Mandala No.5 - 8x12 Archival Abstract Fine Art Photography Print (top):

Romance 8x12 Inch Archival Print (Rose)- Creative Fine Art Photography By Moonangelnay:

Moonangelnay Etsy shop:



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh so sweet - new Amy Butler fabric purse.

I always love finding ways to use leftover fabric from a project, never wanting to waste a scrap! I also love the challenge of design, so my frugal nature spurs me on to constantly find ways to be creative. I pondered over the best design for the Amy Butler fabric from my last purse, and also
knew I wanted something "different".

I'm learning that you can't force inspiration, so after what seems like hours of going over and over fabric scraps in various combinations and still lacking ideas, I just let it go. One night when just before going to sleep, the design flashed through my mind. I leaped up, sketched out my design, and got to right to work the next day.

Here's what I came up with, and with only a 1" X 2" scrap of fabric left over and to spare!! I even had to scrape to get enough for the fabric florette, but in the end, I think the purse has a sweet, old-fashioned, and even kind of retro look, complete with ruffled lace trim. What do you think?

Sweet purse with lace/flowers. Amy Butler fabric:

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Friday, August 14, 2009

More Eco-friendly purses

Great news, after a somewhat long dry spell, I sold not one, but 2 purses yesterday! Heartfelt thanks to you both!!! One was my hobo purse, just listed the other day and posted here a few days ago.

I'm kind of surprised at how popular my eco-friendly plarn purses have been. For those who don't know, they are crocheted from clean, used plastic grocery bags - (plastic yarn = plarn). I find that more and more people are becoming passionate about recycling, and the many hearts on my plarn purses reflect that.
Here's my latest crocheted plarn purse - a messenger bag with a big funky button, (autumn inspired, and just like a big, round pumpkin). The handle is made from synthetic cording, (Yes, it's not 100% upcycled like my others, but I like to try different things). The strap is long enough for shoulder transport, or across the body, in true messenger fashion.

Stop by my shops for a better look, and have a great weekend!!

Plarn messenger bag:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Actors - Costume ideas for upcoming 1980's era theater or musical productions. Vintage lovers...

My vintage shop has actually done quite well, considering that I've not worked as hard to promote it as I have my Gladraggz shop. I recently posted this vintage mid 1980's set in my vintage store - Rekindled Passions:

I made this set myself, in the mid 1980's, from a gorgeous olive green rayon fabric that has a supple drape and lustrous sheen (early indications of bling addiction - LOL). The sheen is muted, and very elegant. This accessorizes beautifully with gold jewelry, and I always got a lot of compliments when I wore this outfit.

The last photo shows the skirt in side view.

If you're a vintage clothing collector, like wearing vintage clothing, or are a theater student or full-time performer, you might want to take a better look at this set. Actors, it would make a great costume for a 1980's theater or musical production!

Vintage 1980's rayon tunic/skirt set:

Vintage etsy shop:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Hobo purse

I am starting to get into the mood for autumn, and have been getting fabric to reflect those colors. Yesterday I whipped up this hobo bag - very free and simple, just thread and fabric - no interfacing, as I wanted it to be free and unstructured - a departure from my other bags.

And, you really get 2 bag, as it's completely reversible. Made with lovely 100% HIGH quality batiks, one side has variegated amber tones with rich sapphire splashes, and the reverse side has a "camo" type print in greys, ambers and lighter tones.

There are no pockets or closures - again - in the effort to create a completely free and carefree bag. The nature of this bag makes it perfect for books, market, casual, errands, or whatever you want it to be. Change sides to suit your mood or outfit.

The best part is that it's completely machine washable, cool setting, and machine or hang dry. Iron on cotton setting is optional.

Hobo bag - reversible. Batik fabric:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy shops Folkartbykerry and Thereddoor

I'm starting out the week by introducing a wonderfully cheery shop I discovered last week. Kerry, of Folkartbykerry actually has 2 shops that showcase her artwork There's something pure and sweet about her work, that obviously is a reflection of the shop's creator!

Kerry shares that she's been collecting little bits and pieces, odds and ends, and anything interesting for as long as she can remember. Her favorites are shiny buttons, coins, and colorful patterned fabric and beads. As she found each of her treasures as a little girl, she would carefully place them in her specially made treasure box that she stored safely under her bed. One by one, she studied and combined each and every one of them to create a unique and special art piece. Kerry shares that, for her, creating art is much the same now as it was when she was young.

I hope you'll take a moment to take a nice break and escape to Kerry's shops. You'll find her work to be refreshingly beautiful and sweet, and ranging in size from minuscule art prints, pendants and tags to larger wall art. Much of Kerry's creations are very affordable, and if you're longing for a sweet treat, but are short of cash and space, you'll love Folkartbykerry and thereddoor etsy shops!

Happy moments card:

Butterfly post:

Believe it, Achieve it:

Peaches and Cream One of a Kind Vintage Domino Pendant (Available at Thereddoor Etsy shop):

Folkartbykerry Etsy shop:

Thereddoor Etsy shop:


Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintage clothing

For a long time, I had collected vintage clothing and lace. Lace and linens are my weakness, and I have a whole dresser full of them.

When I moved to Florida from New York, I took all of that and most of my favorite clothing that I've worn in years, (decades, actually), past. I've decided that I probably won't wear a lot of it, so opened a vintage clothing shop on etsy. I've actually sold some items with very little promotion, and I have to work way less on it than I do my handmade shop.

I thought I'd share some of my vintage shop items with you. Here's a blouse I listed yesterday. I wore it in the early 1970's, and it made a great "flower child" blouse! Wouldn't it be great for a Renaissance Festivals or just for everyday fun?!!

Stop by my vintage shop to see more!!

White cotton peasant blouse with lace inserts - vintage:

Rekindledpassions Etsy Vintage shop:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Itsmecheri Etys shop

Cheri, of itsmecheri, LOVES working with "anything crafty", and says that her hands never stop. Next to crafting, she confesses that that her true desire is to leave her smiles and joy behind with everyone she comes in contact throughout her day.

Cheri's love of humanity and the desire to help is quickly evident in her shop. Besides her Angel creations, there are HeartStones - her favorites, and the testimonials from many happy customers who are equally fond of them. Cheri's HeartStones originated when she first made one for a sick friend's husband. She made two hearts from the same clay, gave one to her friend, and kept the other as a daily reminder to pray for her friend's husband and their family.

If you have a bond with or have shared a special experience with someone special, or perhaps wish to remind someone that they are in your prayers, Cheri invites you to remember the moment over and over again with a "Memory HeartStone". HeartStones are also available in Awareness HeartStones, Patriotic HeartStones, and Military HeartStones! They're sold in sets of two - one to keep, and one to give away!

Angel Watchers earring:

Red Angel Watchers Pendant and Earrings. Set Heart disease support:

Memory Heart stones:

itsmecheri website:



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Petalmix Etsy shop

Again, I've discovered another fascinating Etsy shop - Petalmix. Shop artist, Olivia, loves tsumami-kanzashi, which is the Japanese art of folding fabric into beautiful pieces of artwork. Olivia explains this technique:

"Tsumami means "to pinch", in this instance, a small square piece of fabric. Kanzashi means "ornate hairpin". They are beautiful hair ornaments used for traditional hairstyles, worn often by brides and maiko (apprentice geisha). I have adapted this art form to create accessories for the modern-day woman, so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful tradition."

Olivia shares that the kanzashi hardware is quite sturdy on its own, but if you find you want even more hold, to use a strong bobby pin first to secure the hair, then clip the kanzashi on top of that. She also wants buyers to know that each item is new, never worn, comes from a smoke-free home, and is shown on a mannequin for sizing purposes.

It's obvious that Olivia takes pride in her work - she shares that she's is a highly detail and quality oriented person, only selling what she, herself, would be pleased to receive. She assures buyers that she ships in a timely fashion, (the next day in most cases), and that she takes great care in packing each box she sends. She also offers combined shipping, anywhere on the globe! Just pay the low primary shipping cost and every additional item ships FREE!

In browsing through the pages of Olivia's shop, I found page after delightful page of luscious Kanzashi items. Petalmix has brooches, pendants, and all kinds of hair items, such as barrettes, bobby pins, snap and alligator clips, offered in both floral and butterfly shapes. Olivia's choice of fabrics is impeccable - in addition to fine silks, she uses a fabric called chirimen. And, adding to the beauty of the fabrics, themselves, each item usually is adorned with beautiful crystals, pearls, other gemstone materials, and even sterling silver!

Please treat yourself by stopping by the Petalmix Etsy shop. If you love fabric and hair ornaments, or are a bride or know of one who's in the wardrobe planning phase of your wedding, you'll be especially pleased with what you'll find there!

The Rose tsumami kanzashi style hair clip (Top photo. Uses 4 dozen double layered petals in chirimen fabrics):

Pink kiku tsumami kanzashi bobby pin:

Royal Purple and Olive Tsumami kanzashi pendant necklace:

Pink and Green silk Butterfly tsumami kanzashi hair clip:

Petalmix Etsy shop: