Friday, August 28, 2009

Too early for Christmas???

I know I may be rushing the season, but I had to share the wall quilt that was finished too late to list for last year's holiday season. I bought the fabric after taking a quilt class, and thought it would make a great gift item for those who love both quilts and Christmas!

This wall quilt is really a modern heirloom that will last for generations. It's a signed Nancy Halvorsen design, and made of all cotton, (including cotton batting). The border and hand stitched binding consist of a matching plaid print.

I've spent many long hours painstakingly machine stitching around the main designs, which consists of 13 separate themes, each with its own story of Christmas. The central motif is stitched in gold holographic thread, and 10 of the larger panels are edged in high quality quilting cotton, as well as the borders of each panel section.

The backing consists of a pretty gold holly leaf design, and I've provided two ways to hang the quilt. There's a sturdy pocket for those who like traditional decorative rods, and for others who like things more simple and/or contemporary, I've also attached 3
plastic rings for tacks or nails.

28 1/2" wide by 44" tall. (72.5 X 111.5cm).

Take a better look at my sites and shops listed below. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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  1. Your wall quilt is so beautiful.

  2. A lot of work, but it is gorgeous. It is sure to become part of someone's Christmas Tradition, just like decorating the tree, hanging a wreath or a mistletoe ball and baking Christmas cookies.

  3. Wow~ you did such a great job! Cannot imagine how much time and effort you put on this piece~

  4. It's incredible! I can imagine the amount of work you put in it. ^-^ Absolutely beautiful!