Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh so sweet - new Amy Butler fabric purse.

I always love finding ways to use leftover fabric from a project, never wanting to waste a scrap! I also love the challenge of design, so my frugal nature spurs me on to constantly find ways to be creative. I pondered over the best design for the Amy Butler fabric from my last purse, and also
knew I wanted something "different".

I'm learning that you can't force inspiration, so after what seems like hours of going over and over fabric scraps in various combinations and still lacking ideas, I just let it go. One night when just before going to sleep, the design flashed through my mind. I leaped up, sketched out my design, and got to right to work the next day.

Here's what I came up with, and with only a 1" X 2" scrap of fabric left over and to spare!! I even had to scrape to get enough for the fabric florette, but in the end, I think the purse has a sweet, old-fashioned, and even kind of retro look, complete with ruffled lace trim. What do you think?

Sweet purse with lace/flowers. Amy Butler fabric:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.

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  1. Cute! Isn't it crazy how sometimes you just have to let go, and then suddenly that design pops in your head?!

  2. Very pretty. I should send you my scrap fabric.

  3. Pat, I couldn't figure how to do feedback??? DUH....so,
    I want to comment on your handbags. They are fabulous!
    I ordered one the other day, it was at my door in two days, and I live across country in Southern California!
    I was impressed with the summer Peacock design handbag. I needed a new one, so I ordered this one from you.
    It is even more lovely in "person".
    I just absolutely love it.
    Thank you for your wonderful service, you sweet note and your carefully handwritten card directions on care of this bag.
    I'll be checking back often!

  4. wow! love how you turned that scrap fabric into something so pretty :) and Thank You so much for your readership, we appreciate it so much <3

  5. I really like ur layout

    and i'm always stuck with what to do with scrap fabric :(