Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Itsmecheri Etys shop

Cheri, of itsmecheri, LOVES working with "anything crafty", and says that her hands never stop. Next to crafting, she confesses that that her true desire is to leave her smiles and joy behind with everyone she comes in contact throughout her day.

Cheri's love of humanity and the desire to help is quickly evident in her shop. Besides her Angel creations, there are HeartStones - her favorites, and the testimonials from many happy customers who are equally fond of them. Cheri's HeartStones originated when she first made one for a sick friend's husband. She made two hearts from the same clay, gave one to her friend, and kept the other as a daily reminder to pray for her friend's husband and their family.

If you have a bond with or have shared a special experience with someone special, or perhaps wish to remind someone that they are in your prayers, Cheri invites you to remember the moment over and over again with a "Memory HeartStone". HeartStones are also available in Awareness HeartStones, Patriotic HeartStones, and Military HeartStones! They're sold in sets of two - one to keep, and one to give away!

Angel Watchers earring:

Red Angel Watchers Pendant and Earrings. Set Heart disease support:

Memory Heart stones:

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  1. Oh WOW! Thank you for this!!!! I am so COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY HONORED!!! May blessings be poured into you and your family!

  2. Really cool. Cheri is so creative and always coming up with these wonderful ideas to remind everyone that they are Loved and He watches over you.