Friday, March 26, 2010

Greyhound updates - new foster, Charlie, and Penny

Our Blaze has gone to a new home, and as of Sunday we have a new foster, racing name "AHK Call me Dad". Now, neither "Dad", "Daddy", "Pops", or anything else for that matter is one that canine and humans and dog care for, so finally in frustration, we started calling him "Charlie". He seems to answer to it, and the name suits him.

The other night we were outside photographing a low flying blimp, and I was lucky to get some really nice photos of the dogs. The guy with the "black eyes" is Charlie, and the other, with the sweet face, is our Penny.

Penny is white with Brindle, and is actually "two dogs", with a large brindle patch on one side, and white with pretty ticking on the other. Before we got her, we saw a photo of her, (taken from one side), and thought she was mostly white. But, weren't we surprised to greet a dog with a huge brindle patch on her other side?! You can see a tiny bit of her large brindle patch, (on her right side), if you look closely at her front view photograph above).

Also, take a good look at that "sit" of Charlie's. Anatomically speaking, a Greyhound isn't built to sit. Their bone structure makes it mechanically impossible and painful to try to do so. Charlie is one of the few "hounds" who can come as close as possible to sitting.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you to Batzy's etsy shop!

A huge thanks to the Batzy Etsy shop, who has been so very kind to feature several items from my shop on her blog!

The Batzy blog:

If you like all kinds of items from custom drawings to prints, please visit her site. Here's a sample of a cute print.

The Batzy Etsy shop:

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Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Merci beaucoups to Etsy in French!

I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Etsy in French Blog for featuring my winter Fuchsia handbag!! Merci Beaucoups!!!

I just love the look of this blog, and for those of you who speak or read French, a visit there will be a double treat!!

Please stop by the blog to see the feature and much, much more!!

Etsy in French blog:

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yummy new summer purse - "watermelon" colors of green and pink.

I'm happy to share my latest purse made up in awesome colors of neon green and hot pink.

The outside fabrics consist of fine quality batik prints aptly named "watermelon". I think this bag would make a cool and attractive summer accessory to any outfit!

I love the jumbo rick rack trim that's actually grosgrain ribbon. It goes all the way around the purse, and is anchored in the front by a pretty fabric flower.

This purse is not too large or too small, and quite efficient in its roominess.

The inside is done in a fabulous designer green cotton dotted with several shades of pink. There are 2 good sized open pockets, (one has double rows of decorative machine stitching).

A third pocket is very large and lined with candy pink taffeta. I've listened to what people want when purchasing a purse, so I've installed not one but 2 zippers in this one. The large inside pocket is zipped, and the purse closes with a recessed top zipper! 

I've also attached pretty beads, (in the same pink and green colors as the fabric), and chains to serve as a handy zipper pull!

Thanks for looking - please stop by my shops to see more.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Greyhounds Mr. Blaze and Miss Vicky

The foster Greyhound turnover has been quicker than usual these days. By the time I was able to get a good photo of our foster, Blaze, he was scheduled for a transport north, where he's been requested by another Greyhound group.

For the last 2 months, we've had Blaze...

...and 3 weeks ago, an adorable little brindle girl, Vicky, (racing name Vicky Rumble), joined us. Vicky looks like a mini version of our dear former foster, Willie, but more feminine. With Blaze preparing to embark on his long journey, we are now down to 2 dogs - our Penny and Miss Vicky.

Blaze is a big, strapping big red fawn boy who is ALL boy...

...and sweet little Vicky - sweet, petite, and all girl! She reminds me of a little fawn with her doe-like eyes and her demure manner. 

Blaze, on the other hand, is a very friendly, joyful, goofy guy, who can become so enthusiastic that he easily forgets himself and gets carried away. Even his ears seem out of control.  Aren't they wild?!

Tomorrow Vicky will go to a Greyhound "Meet and Greet", to meet people who might be interested in adopting her. I kind of hope she's not too interesting and tempting, because as always, I want them to stay as long as possible!

Safe travels, Blaze - a good and loving home awaits!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The last of the peacock bags - "Pretty in Pink".

I've used up the last of my peacock fabric, saving the pink for last. I call these "Pretty in Pink".

As always, in striving for "One-Of-A-Kind", these pink bags are slightly different. Look closely at the pockets - the styles are different.

I've used green trim on one, and the other has no trim and a pocket flap and button.

Also, the linings are different, with pocket room in each.

And, notice that one has tied handles and the other doesn't.

I'm curious to know how you all feel about my handle treatments - do you prefer your  handles "tied", or "loose"?

Thanks for looking, everyone!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Penny the lounge lizzard?!

I just wanted to share one of my weekend projects - sewing new jammies for our Penny. Even though she has lived her whole life in the south, she seems to be a *cold* dog, shrinking from the first hint of any kind of chill. Greyhounds don't have a lot of extra body fat, (nor are they supposed to), and I guess Penny is a little more "lean" in this respect...

She already has one pair, but with cool temps still in the forecast, Penny needed her jammies that also were due for a spin in the wash. I really like to have an alternate pair, anyway, so seized the opportunity when I found a cute fleece remnant printed with all the things she loves - birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, and all things "nature".

Anyway, as soon as she slipped into her new outfit, her tail wagged and wagged with joy!! She'll wear jammies day and night until warmer weather arrives. It'll see funny seeing her "naked" with just her own gorgous fur coat!