Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Penny the lounge lizzard?!

I just wanted to share one of my weekend projects - sewing new jammies for our Penny. Even though she has lived her whole life in the south, she seems to be a *cold* dog, shrinking from the first hint of any kind of chill. Greyhounds don't have a lot of extra body fat, (nor are they supposed to), and I guess Penny is a little more "lean" in this respect...

She already has one pair, but with cool temps still in the forecast, Penny needed her jammies that also were due for a spin in the wash. I really like to have an alternate pair, anyway, so seized the opportunity when I found a cute fleece remnant printed with all the things she loves - birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, and all things "nature".

Anyway, as soon as she slipped into her new outfit, her tail wagged and wagged with joy!! She'll wear jammies day and night until warmer weather arrives. It'll see funny seeing her "naked" with just her own gorgous fur coat!


  1. awwww that is adorable! her own little pj's! yeah i remember my mums yorkie when he became REALLY old found the colder temperatures harder to bare so he was always in either a little red hoodie when i visted her or a bumble bee outfit to keep him warm! lol! fab post!

  2. Oh she is too cute! Your a clever girl.