Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to a nice Etsy seller for her treasury!

Many thanks to Ziemabir for including one of my winter crochet purses in her lovely treasury. You can see the treasury here:

Also, the creator of this lovely treasury is certainly no slouch in the crochet department!  Here are just a few of her many creations. There is a lot of work that went into her shop, so please stop by to take a better look!

I love the oodles of crochet flowers she has for sale, (just two styles shown here), as well as cute butterflies in an various colors!


Ziemabir Etsy shop:

Black/white/red crochet purse:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Daisy Purse is featured!

I want to give Linda B a great big thanks for featuring my sweet little Daisy purse on her blog -!

Please stop by her blog to see more lovely creations that she's showcased!

You can see more of my purse and my other creations at:

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Yarn Coture Shop - a beautiful evolution in progress!

I've known Maryum, from the Yarn Coture shop for some time now, and have always admired her work. I hadn't been to her shop for a while, so decided to stop in for a visit.

I was blown away by the work that she's produced, as well as the high caliber of it all!  Part of the passion of creativity is that it's all a process of evolution, and it was clear to me that Maryum is truly evolving in her craft. I was so pleased to find a great blending of art, style and skill in her shops!!

It was difficult to pick just a few things from her shop to showcase, so I chose quite a few, including one creation made by Maryum's daughter. I highly commend her for teaching her children the creative process - something I feel we  need to do more of with your young people, (when it comes to creativity)!

Please enjoy the work shared here, but please, stop by Maryum's shops to see more. She's shared that she's also working on an on-line boutique at the Shophandmade site, so please take a peek there as well.

Yarn Coture's Etsy shop:

Yarn Coture's Shophandmade shop:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter/Holiday themed purse

I hope you like my latest purse. It's perfect for winter and/or the holiday season. It's a 100% cotton reindeer and harlequin printed batik, topped off by gold braid trim, decorative black metal rings, and a lush velevet bow centered with a vintage brooch.

It's nice and roomy inside, with inside, and of course, it sports my signature tied shoulder straps. It would be great for yourself or as a gift for someone very special...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone -  happy shopping!

Reindeer & harlequin purse. Winter/holiday/Christmas theme:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving wishes!

Hi Everyone - I'm feeling extremely fortunate today, and want to thank all my visitors and followers for taking the time to stop by from time to time! Warm, loving wishes to you all for a very safe,  happy, and  healthy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5erg Etsy shop and blog feature

I'm sorry I've gotten behind - I promise more updates when I can. 

I wanted to give Silja, (of 5erg Etsy), a great big THANK YOU for her feature of my shop on her gorgeous blog! She's featrured several of my purses, ands she's done a great job! I'm SO proud - thank you, Silja!!

You can see the blog feature here:

I took great pleasure browsing through 5erg's shop, which is packed with all kinds of wonderful items, including felted mini creatures, artwork, beautiful affordable jewelry.

I found everything to be extremely well done, attractive, cheery, fresh, and affordable. Hint - all would make great gifts / stocking stuffers!

Everything you see here is from Silja's 5erg shop  - it was hard to choose but please take a moment to visit the Etsh shop, (, to see more.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanks to Kateemarie for a treasury!

Many thanks to Kateemarie's Etsy shop for including my silk ribbbon embroidery purse in her her lovely treasury!! You can see the lovely work she's done here:

I was delighted to discover Kateemarie's shop and found these 2 creations that I think compliment each other very well - don't you. I know the work that went into her quilt, and it's a steal at her price.

Please stop by Kateemarie's Etsy shop to see more
Thanks for stopping by - have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Vintage Sweater is in a treasury!

I want to thank Pat, of GoodLookinTreasures, for including my vintage beaded lambswool and angora sweater in her lovely treasury! It's called "OATMEAL with CINNAMON", and you can see it here.

She's also created another treasury, called "Go ahead...W(h)INE a little" for some other fantastic finds!

Pat does not yet have her own shop, but her daughter is relatively new to Etsy and has a lovely shop. She carrires a bit of everything, from apparel to hair accessories to jewelry to paper goods to vintage! I especially like what she does with fabric and flowers - here are a corsage and a hair barrette that caught my eye.

Her etsy address is

Please take a look at Pat's marvelous treasury and if you like vintage clothing and haven't seen my vintage shop yet, please feel free to have a browse!

RekindledPassions - vintage

Stop by my 1000markets shop along the way:

Thanks everyone, and take care!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I've been featured!

I want to thank Jillian, of Classics Redone, for the lovely feature of my Etsy shop on her blog! You can see the feature here:

I just love the look of the Classics Redone blog - particularly the sweet and beautifully colored, happy bird that greets you as you first log in.

It's obvious that Jillian is multitalented, as seeen by the nice variety in her Etsy shop. Her specialty is her pretty hair clips. I've chosen a few to showcase here, for your pleasure, and I especially like the sweet little frog bow - it's so simple yet artistic genius at its finest! Please visit Jillian's shop to see more.

Thanks again, Jillian!

Please visit the Classics Redone Etsy shop:
Have a happy Monday, everyone!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter scarf bling!

I just listed this really versitile scarf that's both attractive and warm! It's made with a textured black novelty yarn that's wooly, warm and shiny all at the same time. The overall effect and design results in a multi-textured, tone-on-tone effect with bling!

This scarf is really long, and can be worn in a variety of ways - casuual or elegant. It can be practical, and worn under or over a coat, tied, looped, around the neck or across one shoulder, draped down or across the body, or stole-like. Whichever way you decide to wear it, it can be fashioned as is, or dressed up with a scarf clip or large sparkly brooch for plenty of bling.

Measures 8" across, (20.5cm) X 79" long, including fringe, (200.5cm). Fringe is approximately 8.5" long, (21.5cm).

Please visit my shops at:

Stay tuned for Christmas ornaments and another very chic winter scarf!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

For those who love Oriental...

I haven't officially announced my newest Oriental themed purse. For some reason Oriental design comes easily to me. I've found that people either love it or dislike it - what do you think?

Oriental themed purse with bamboo fan design. Black/brown:
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My pearls are featured on a super blog!

SD of Etsy shop "Looks Good", has recently blogged about my Peach Sorbet pearl necklace and earring set! Thanks so much, SD - you're a doll!!!

Please stop by her lovely blog to view the other wonderful items she's featured:

Also, please stop by her awesome shop, "Looks Good", to see her full line of statement hair accessories consisting of unique Birdcage Veils, Fancy Hair Fascinators & Couture Designs!

I'm crazy mad in love with this one!!!

To see more of my biwa pearls click here:
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to buy a fabric purse on line - Buying wisely. Guidelines for purchasing a fabric purse or handbag on line. Part 6 - last in a series.

The workmanship does't end with a purse's pretty trims, embellishments and extras - they count too...

A lot of people, (including myself), love the extra "pretties" that give handmade purses their charm and character. I use pretty hardware when I can and when it's appropriate, but I also love to use various kinds of trims in some of my bags, such as piping, metallic trims, and my fabric flowers.

While pretty, it's  important that these trims and little extras are securely attached. With the exception of my romantic dress purses, most of my cotton purses are made for every day wear, and the trims are attached in such a way to assure they'll last for the life of the bag.
Many of you have seen my winter purses with the ribbons and vintage brooches. Not only are the ribbons tack stitched, (by hand), to the yarns, the brooches are tightly sewn by hand in several places, securing them to the yarns. They are going nowhere!! If, for any reason, an emellishment should come loose, all I ask is that you return the bag to me, and I'll reattach it - it's part of my guarantee!

With my crocheted purses, all I ask is that you treat the purses with care to safeguard the anitquity of the vintage brooches. By doing so, when the purse has finally seen its better days, you can clip the tacking threads and enjoy the brooch for years to come as an adornment for your clothing!!

My fabric flowers are machine stitched to the purse as well as multiple catches with needle and thread to secure the decorative button in place. All cording and piping trims are tightly bound, and my trims are securely attached with machine stitching. Care has also been taken to attach any trims as "seamlessly" as possible, encasing the ends, (where they meet), in the side seams as unobtrusively as possible.
Notice how the gold trim in this purse meets in the side seam in a way that's not obvious that it's a seam.

And, another of my signature themes is my inside pockets. Being a very frugal person, I love to fashion fun pockets made from the trimmed scraps of material from the purse exterior and lining fabrics.

You'lll see a variety of pocket treatments in my purses, ranging from decorative bands to geometric patchwork designs, including a sunburst pattern in one.

I often like to decorate pockets with decorative machine stitching in a theme that matches the overall mood of the purse.

All this piecing and sewing takes time, however fun it may be, and each pocket is truly one-of-a-kind, as are all my purses. No matter how pretty the outside of my purses may be, I want the inside to be a "silver lining" or "secret garden", so to speak, as an indulgence for the user of the purse!

One of my most popular purses, (and one with the most hearts), is my ribbon embroidered silk purse with beaded accents. The ribbon and beads have painstakingly all been sewn onto the purse by hand, and while this particular purse is not made to endure heavy duty wear and tear, with care, it certainly will maintain its grace and integrity for a lifetime of romantic evenings and outings, and then some!

One last signature items that I seem to be using in more and more of my purses are my tied shoulder straps. I find it terribly annoying to constantly wrestle trying to keep two shoulder straps in place - one is always fallling off, and I find it a terrible nuisance. While across the body wearing solves that problem, for some, it's not always practical. I found a solution that's not only practical, but stylish, and that's the knotted strap!! I haven't seen this treatment anywhere, and hope that the buyers of my purses finds this to be a handy solution to the falling strap problem! You'll notice that the purse in the very first photo illustrates my signature knotted strap technique.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my series, and that buying your next fabric purse on line will occur with the help of these posts, no matter where you make your purchase. Thanks for visiting my blog - please ll return soon for more news and eye candy!

Take care, everyone!