Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Yarn Coture Shop - a beautiful evolution in progress!

I've known Maryum, from the Yarn Coture shop for some time now, and have always admired her work. I hadn't been to her shop for a while, so decided to stop in for a visit.

I was blown away by the work that she's produced, as well as the high caliber of it all!  Part of the passion of creativity is that it's all a process of evolution, and it was clear to me that Maryum is truly evolving in her craft. I was so pleased to find a great blending of art, style and skill in her shops!!

It was difficult to pick just a few things from her shop to showcase, so I chose quite a few, including one creation made by Maryum's daughter. I highly commend her for teaching her children the creative process - something I feel we  need to do more of with your young people, (when it comes to creativity)!

Please enjoy the work shared here, but please, stop by Maryum's shops to see more. She's shared that she's also working on an on-line boutique at the Shophandmade site, so please take a peek there as well.

Yarn Coture's Etsy shop:

Yarn Coture's Shophandmade shop:

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