Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Marlemaam Etsy shop's great purses!

By now, most of you should know that purses of all kinds always send me! Lately I've been so fortunate to have found many creators of unique and beautiful purses - especially winter ones in which a great deal of time and effort have gone into their creation.

Sue, shopkeeper of the marblemaam Etsy store, has a unique assortment of games and fabric creations, but naturally, the wool purses are what caught my eye!

Her handmade purses are made with wool felt, are adorned with hundreds of different kinds of beads, and come in a variety of colors.

Each bead is hand sewn in a freeform pattern with nylon invisible thread, and the overall effect is simply awesome! Some purses even have various other types of beads, such as semi precious gemstones and rhinestones as part of their adornment,. The purses can also include decorative hand stitching/embroidery, too!

As you can see, each purse is unique, individual, and literally a work of art!

Please enjoy looking, and please stop by Sue's Marblemaam shop to see more!

Marblemaam Etsy shop:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Your wedding with a personal touch - thanks to Kazumi!

I want to thank Kazumi for including my peach sorbet pearl necklace in her Squidoo wedding feature! It's really a wonderful guide on how to use handmade crafts to enhance a wedding event with that perfect touch.

Kazumi's showcases not only includes wearable items, but ideas and suggestions for postage stamps, welcome boards, invitation cards, and all the little details to make for a very special event!

I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do a screen shot, (so what else is new with my endless struggles to operate a computer?!), so the necklace you see above is the one featured.

Please stop by Kazumi's blog for a mouth watering look:

Kazumi is also somewhat new to Etsy, and has a really cute shop full of her precious artwork. Here's a few absolutely adorable samples, but please stop by to see more!

KnKChalkArtDesigns Etsy shop:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

NaturalKnitsAndGems Etsy shop

I love looking for new, fresh talent, and the purse selection on Etsy is no exception. I'm always delighted to find unique and artistic purses that I probably won't ever attempt on my own, but truly appreciate and love to showcase for others to admire. Of course I alwyas hope that the exposure brings notice to the shop, and hence sales!

Etsy shop, NaturalKnitsAndGems, is one of those shops that really caught my eye, and that I'd love to see garner some appreciative sales!

Kathy, the artist behind these lucious creations has been knitting since she was in 5th grade, having learned in Girl Scouts. 

Decades later, Kathy has re-acquainted herself with the joys of knitting, and about two years ago, has literally "spun off" into areas of working with wool that I find fabulous!

Kathy shares that she loves the feel of gems and stones, etc. so has found a wonderful way to incorporate her passion for jewels and knitting that result in her bright, classy, yet unusual handbags!

She's also a Master Gardener along the front range of Colorado, so her love of flowers, gems, and all things natural brings it all together in the form of her purses.

Kathy also makes shawls in bright, happy colors that match her purses, so please stop by her Etsy shop for a better look!!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to visit Kathy's shop!

NaturalKnitsAndGems Etsy shop:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another blog feature and great Etsy shop!

Heartfelt thanks to Jen at SimplyInvitingCards for a superb blog feature!! She fabulously showcased FIVE of my shop products in an interview about my passion for creating. I'm incredibly grateful for her generosity, and have to admire the work Jen does!  Please stop by her blog for a look see:

Simplyinvitingcards blog:

Also, if you love cards of all kinds, (seasonal, special occasion, blank), journals, handmade paper, and all things paper, you'll love Jen's shop. I selected some items that I particularly like, including her handmade paper. 

Notice the flecks in the handmade paper - I just love the texture!

Thanks for stopping by.

Visit my shops anytime at:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Periwinkle Paisley's Valentine's specials - including my red party purse!

I want to thank the Periwinkle-Paisley Etsy shop for blogging about my red party purse! This is the perfect accessory for Valentine's day or even Mardi Gras! Please stop by her blog to see more lovely Valentine's Day items and suggestions on Periwinkle's blog, as well as her wonderful showcase of bright, sunny color!

Also, if you love color, don't miss her shop, which is full of her own artwork and digital dowloadable digital
art. All exquisite and very affordable! I couldn't resist sharing a few items because they make my heart go pitter pat!


Alos, please stop by my shops to see my red party purse and more:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching up, our Greyhound fosters, Ludo etc., (and the trouble with computers...)

I've been trying desperately to post to my blog for weeks, but our family computers haven't been cooperating. My husband's new computer has Windows 7, and mine has Vista. We purchased them a few mere months apart, and I think 7 has many flaws... Since his computer is basically a toy, and mine a workhorse, I download photos to his and send them to mine. Let him use up space for something other than solitaire...!

Anyway, Windows 7 is so different that I can't seem to send photos from his to mine without major size problems (too small to do anything with). I've been slowly figuring things out, but have yet to post photos to my blog from any photos that are still on his PC. I supposed I could figure out how to post from his, but the problem still remains about how to solve the current problem.

In the meantime, I just realized that I have some photos on my PC that I can use for blog posts. Some of my followers know that we love Greyhounds, and have our forever Penny and usually one foster or another who is staying with us between the track and their "forever" home at any given time.

Ludo, (racing name C's Bagman), has been with us for 2 months, now. Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan will find meaning in his name. He's an extremely easy going boy who is faithful and loyal to the very end. His favorite phrase has been "Anything you want, dear". We learned that he's an "only child", the only pup in his litter, and all the attention never went to his head!

Ludo left us today, for the first leg of his journey that will take him north to the Chicago/Detroit area this weekend. In return, we came home with a red fawn boy, named "Blazin Rocket". We don't know if he's going to answer to "Blaze", "Rocket", "Rocky", or what? Time will tell about that, as well as what kind of a personality he has. So far, he's bright, curious, and loves squeaky toys.

I'll get a photo of Blazin Rocket soon, but in the meantime, here's our Ludo.

The best to you big boy - you're going to make some family VERY happy!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Apologies for being behind in my blog posts - I have plans for more steady posting next week. I just learned that one of my purses is in a treasury, and wanted to share. This is a well put together collection of sunny bright colors - one that brings a breath of fresh air to dreary winter:

I've disovered a great shop behind the creation of this treasury, too!

I just had to include a few items from LaurenceCollection's Etsy shop, which includes a fabulous selection of jewelry,  handbags and more!

Take a look, and please stop by Laurence's shop to see more - you won't be sorry!