Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching up, our Greyhound fosters, Ludo etc., (and the trouble with computers...)

I've been trying desperately to post to my blog for weeks, but our family computers haven't been cooperating. My husband's new computer has Windows 7, and mine has Vista. We purchased them a few mere months apart, and I think 7 has many flaws... Since his computer is basically a toy, and mine a workhorse, I download photos to his and send them to mine. Let him use up space for something other than solitaire...!

Anyway, Windows 7 is so different that I can't seem to send photos from his to mine without major size problems (too small to do anything with). I've been slowly figuring things out, but have yet to post photos to my blog from any photos that are still on his PC. I supposed I could figure out how to post from his, but the problem still remains about how to solve the current problem.

In the meantime, I just realized that I have some photos on my PC that I can use for blog posts. Some of my followers know that we love Greyhounds, and have our forever Penny and usually one foster or another who is staying with us between the track and their "forever" home at any given time.

Ludo, (racing name C's Bagman), has been with us for 2 months, now. Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan will find meaning in his name. He's an extremely easy going boy who is faithful and loyal to the very end. His favorite phrase has been "Anything you want, dear". We learned that he's an "only child", the only pup in his litter, and all the attention never went to his head!

Ludo left us today, for the first leg of his journey that will take him north to the Chicago/Detroit area this weekend. In return, we came home with a red fawn boy, named "Blazin Rocket". We don't know if he's going to answer to "Blaze", "Rocket", "Rocky", or what? Time will tell about that, as well as what kind of a personality he has. So far, he's bright, curious, and loves squeaky toys.

I'll get a photo of Blazin Rocket soon, but in the meantime, here's our Ludo.

The best to you big boy - you're going to make some family VERY happy!!


  1. so sweet!!! my girls beg me everyday for a puppy! allergies prevent it. what a great service you are doing for these precious animals! kerry