Thursday, January 21, 2010

NaturalKnitsAndGems Etsy shop

I love looking for new, fresh talent, and the purse selection on Etsy is no exception. I'm always delighted to find unique and artistic purses that I probably won't ever attempt on my own, but truly appreciate and love to showcase for others to admire. Of course I alwyas hope that the exposure brings notice to the shop, and hence sales!

Etsy shop, NaturalKnitsAndGems, is one of those shops that really caught my eye, and that I'd love to see garner some appreciative sales!

Kathy, the artist behind these lucious creations has been knitting since she was in 5th grade, having learned in Girl Scouts. 

Decades later, Kathy has re-acquainted herself with the joys of knitting, and about two years ago, has literally "spun off" into areas of working with wool that I find fabulous!

Kathy shares that she loves the feel of gems and stones, etc. so has found a wonderful way to incorporate her passion for jewels and knitting that result in her bright, classy, yet unusual handbags!

She's also a Master Gardener along the front range of Colorado, so her love of flowers, gems, and all things natural brings it all together in the form of her purses.

Kathy also makes shawls in bright, happy colors that match her purses, so please stop by her Etsy shop for a better look!!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to visit Kathy's shop!

NaturalKnitsAndGems Etsy shop:

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