Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Marlemaam Etsy shop's great purses!

By now, most of you should know that purses of all kinds always send me! Lately I've been so fortunate to have found many creators of unique and beautiful purses - especially winter ones in which a great deal of time and effort have gone into their creation.

Sue, shopkeeper of the marblemaam Etsy store, has a unique assortment of games and fabric creations, but naturally, the wool purses are what caught my eye!

Her handmade purses are made with wool felt, are adorned with hundreds of different kinds of beads, and come in a variety of colors.

Each bead is hand sewn in a freeform pattern with nylon invisible thread, and the overall effect is simply awesome! Some purses even have various other types of beads, such as semi precious gemstones and rhinestones as part of their adornment,. The purses can also include decorative hand stitching/embroidery, too!

As you can see, each purse is unique, individual, and literally a work of art!

Please enjoy looking, and please stop by Sue's Marblemaam shop to see more!

Marblemaam Etsy shop:

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