Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Sand and Sea" - cute and classy, pretty and practical.

I've been turning out purses and listing them quite frequently these days, and I'm having a ball!! A lot of work and time goes into each purse, and that doesn't include photographing, editing and posting them to my shops. But, in the end, the final reward comes when someone loves them enough make a purchase.

This cutie is a perfect bag for all seasons, but one that would be especially nice for spring and summer. And, it's so fresh and versatile that it can easily become be a staple of your everyday wardrobe.

The 100% linen fabric reminds me of the color of a sandy beach, and the color and pattern of the high quality cotton batik seem like ocean waves. Hence, I call this purse "Sand and Sea".

The inside is fun with it's Australian themed cotton print.

Although mid sized, the pockets make it seem large and efficient. Besides the large outside envelope pocket, there are 3 large interior pockets, and one is divided, making a total of 4 pockets inside.

There are 2 magnetic snaps installed in this purse - a large one for the purse itself, and a small snap that keeps the outside pocket closed.

"Sand and Sea" - blue batik and natural linen purse:

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Greydogz Etsy shop

Anyone who's been following my blog knows how much I adore Greyhounds - the racing kind - a truly noble breed born with awesome athletic prowess - dogs who can go from 0 to 45 miles per hour in 3 strides! Over the years, we have welcomed Racing Greyhounds,  upon their retirement, into our home, either as  "forevers", or as fosters between the track and their own forever homes. We consider their stay with us a sort of "finishing school", and are extremely blessed to have them for this short time that can last weeks or months.

I met Joanne, shopkeeper of Greydogz, in the Etsy forums, and immediately fell in love with her shop. If you love Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, cats, or animals in general, you'll love her Etsy and stained glass shops. I'm happy to share a few things from her shop that really drew me in:

I just love this sketching, done by Joanne, herself. The dog in this piece of artwork, (in particular, the eyes), bears a striking resemblance to one of my former fosters, Willie. While he was a good racer, Willie was an incredibly gentle dog, and actually was the most timid male foster we've ever had. So, please don't confuse the ultra focused look you might see in some Greyhounds' eyes with aggression. I commend Joanne for doing a superb job of capturing the true essence of many racing Greyhounds in this sketch!

Greyhound Drawing by Greyt Designs:

And, Joanne has also done a great job of capturing the quintessential characteristics of Greyhounds in this one-of-a-kind collage artwork. Here, she's illustrated that Greyhounds come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, some of which can be innocent and child-like.
Greystripe Painting, Greyhounds, Dogs, Acrylic, Images, Green:

And, here are some of the stained glass works that Joanne also offers. Again, the form and essence of the breed is captured perfectly in the glass medium!

Home Stretch Stained Glass Window Panel, Greyhound, Art, Home Decor:

The Eyes Have It, Stained Glass Window Panel, Greyhound, Suncatcher, Home Decor:

Lastly, the artwork you see above, (under the header), is a wonderful piece of digital art for anyone who loves dogs, and it would be a super gift item! You can see it here:

Playtime - Digital Art for the Dog Lover:

Please be sure to stop by Joanne's Etsy shop and stained glass sites:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some sun for gray winter days!

I've been playing hard to replenish my shop inventory, and am turning out the last of my peacock purses. I have two more in the works, but here are my 2 most recent in sunny gold/yellow that will hopefully brighten up these grey days of winter. People have told me that these yellow bags remind them of sunny, fun Mexico, and I have to admit that they do!

While these purses seem to look identical, in sticking to my my practice of producing only one-of-a-kind items, I've created subtle differences between the bags.

Although the fabric is the same, if you look more closesly, you'll see that I've laid out the patterns in different areas of the geometric side panels. This produces a different design and color scheme.

Also, I've used different button embellishments on the outer pocket flaps - vintage amber toned buttons on one, and shiny, new AB coated on the other. Which one do you like better?

Sunny Gold/Yellow peacock themed purse with pockets and shiny buttons:

Sunny yellow/gold peacock purse with pockets and vintage buttons:
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter jewel tones

For some reason, my winter items are viewed well and have earned hearts, but are starting to feel a bit left out as my other items leave the shop.

This is one of my many hats that is warm and soft, and the colors compliment and flatter any feminine face. If you love this hat, I also have a purse made with the same yummy fuchsia yarns.

The purse, as is the case with most of my crochet winter purses, is adorned with satin ribbbons and vintage brooches.

What a nice way to add a bit of color to the endless cold and gray days of winter.



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Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you to Nevita for including my black crochet party purse on her blog, boutiqueaholic! She's done a great job showcasing a nice collection of  black beauties. You can see more of Nevita's feature and blog here:

Also, I found some lovely creations in Nevita's Etsy shop!

It's hard to find wonderful needle pointed tapestries these days, and as one who has a whole collection of them, (that I've done myself), I certainly appreciate the time and work that goes into these works of art! I know, first hand, that it takes months and months, sometimes over a year, to complete the very complex and detailed pieces!

Nevita's calls her Tapestry Needlepoint Gobelin - "DAY", which uses over 70 colors! It's just fabulous!

She also has some great scarves, and even some adorable children's/baby items. Here are a few samples, but please stop by to see more!

The Nevita Etsy shop:

Here's another shot of my purse and the link to see more:
My shops:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crying Calypso's Etsy shop

I am a lover of most things vintage - in fact, I have a vintage shop of my own. My oldies are all clothes, but Lulu's CryingCalypso Etsy shop has all kinds of neat things - textiles, home decor, and even some great evening bags! I love the colors and pattern on the her 1970s Retro Jupiter Platters and Dessert Plate (above)!

Here are a few more examples of Lulu's hand picked favorites:

For anyone old enough to remember, doesn't her Golden Sunshine queen bedspread really bring you back to that era - it's the real McCoy, alright!

And, aren't her Wonderland Cappuccino Cups cute?!

Because I'm a sucker for clothing and accessories, I had to share her beaded Moonstruck 1950's beaded evening bag. I get dizzy just thinking of the work that went into sewing on all those tiny bugle beads!

To see more, visit Lulu's shop:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feature on Crafty Dream's blog.

Many thanks to Eaindar for featuring my pink Peacock purse among other beauties! She's done a beautiful job with her lovely new blog, so please stop by to see a great collection of purses and more:

I was thrilled to see that Eaindar's shop is full of lovely jewelry, and where the theme of "nature" prevails. In the midst of a cold winter, here's a little colorful floral necklace to brighten your day. Isn't it sweet?!

Please stop by the Earrings Nation shop for many pleasant surprises!

The Earrings Nation Etsy shop:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Treasury! Thank you meiguidesigns!

A huge thanks to Julie, of meiguidesigns's shop for featuring my newest peacock purse in her lovely treasury! And, I'm happy to share that I FINALLY found an easy way to do screen shots so I can now post them to my blog!

Here's the link for the Treasury page:

I think Julie did a fantastic job of gathering a tastefully colorful collection of fine work together, don't you?!

In her own right, she has her own collection of really pretty creations, including a few pieces of vintage jewelry. She has a big shop with a wonderful and varied collection, and I chose a few of my favorites to share.

Please stop by Julie's shop to see more:

I'll be featuring some of my new creations, but for now, please stop by my shops to see more of my peacock purse and much more:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks to Lisa at Piecesofmependants

I'm late in announcing that I've been featured on Lisa's Indie Craft Corner blog. She was so kind to feature my red party purse - super for a Valentine's celebration or even Mardi Gras! You can see the blog here:

Scroll down to the article on my red purse - you can't miss it!

These items in Lisa's shop caught my eye - they are so pretty, and the colors really appeal to me!

Also, for a treat, stop by Lisa's shop for 22 pages of reasonably priced artwork in the form of tile pendants made into jewelry key chains and more. 

Lisa is having a special now - BUY 3 PENDANTS AND GET 1 FREE CHAIN!

I've included a few of her creations for your enjoyment!

Stop by her shop to see so much more:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank you to Valentinefiberarts for selecting one of my hats for a Treasury!

I want to thank Donna, of valentinefiberarts, for featuring one of my winter hats in her lovely treasury! THANK YOU! You may see it and other fine works of art here:

Also, when I visited her shop, I was flabbergasted !! I was stunned when I discovered that Donna makes the most mouth watering pincushions I've ever seen!!

She uses a combination of interesting and pretty fabric, as well as hundreds of tiny seed beads to create the beautiful and intricate, one-of-a-kind cushions.

And, they are extremely reasonably priced, too!
Here are just a few - please visit valentinefiberarts to see more wonderful creations!

Valentinefiberarts etsy shop:

Stop by my shops, too, if you have a chance!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Awesome and fabulous earrings!!

Shannon is a nice Etsy artist whom I met in the forums. Through her post there, I discovered these awesome earrings - all handmade by her!!

They are truly one of a kind, and everything is handmade by Shannon with the exception of the stone and crystal beads. The chain mail wire and other materials consist of Sterling Silver (he ear wires), and the links are titanium.

The description on the listing states that the earrings are extremely light weight and portable, (they collapse into a tiny disc when layed flat). 

I am in awe of these earrings, and they remind me of a opulent chandelier. Maybe they're not supposed to, but I'm a fan of fine antiquities, so that's what they remind me of...

Click here to see more and to purchase these super earrings:

Here's Shannon's shop to see more of her lovely work:

Che4udesigns Etsy shop:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Featured on "My Pinky Finger"!

A big THANK YOU to Robin for finding my shop and featuring my silk emboidered bag and black crochet hat! What a surprise, and I am incredibly honored to be among the wonderful talent she's showcased on her blog - gret work, Robin!

You can see the feature here at "Robin's Nest" blog:

Robin works in polymer clay, beads, wire, metal, collage, mixed media, paint, and fabric. She has a line of Catholic themed earrings, and even has some vintage items scattered in here and there. Robin says that she LOVES to do custom jewelry or bead orders.

I found her creations to be extremely reasonably priced, considering the fact that she uses sterling silver findings in most of her jewelry items.

You can find a real beauty for as low as $4.99. The most expensive item in her shop is $19.99! Who could resist?!

Wouldn't her red earrings, (first photo), be great for Valentine's day?!

Robin's blog:

Robin's shop:

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