Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Peacocks

Here's another version of the "Peacock" purse, but this time, in pink. I have more "peacock" purses in the works, including one more color combo, which is nice and cool looking for summer. Some upcoming versions will have exterior pockets, and I have enough fabric to sew several more one-of-a-kind versions of each of the 3 color combos. For anyone is interested in a "special order", please let me know, and I'll be glad to put something together especially for you!

I also bought new fabric that is *not* peacock related, and am anxious to get working with it, so stay tuned!

Purchase sources:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsy seller "Webgirl"

While doing some searches, I stumbled upon the most fascinating Etsy shop - and she's agreed to be today's blog feature! Believe it or not, these yummy masterpieces are cellphone / Iphone / blackberry covers! I think they are nothing less than works or art, and the concept, workmanship, choice of materials and overall creativity is something I've never quite seen before.

Webgirl will create a jewel for your particular make and model of electronic gadget - just convo her with the details!
Please stop by Webgirl's shop to see more, and to treat your eyes to some "candy"!

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Sweet Girl Design 59:

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Juicy Girl Designer 36:

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Black Bling - Designer 33:


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Sun and Fun

When shopping for fabric, I came across this designer fabric, loved the motif, and bought it in 3 different colors. This is the first of my "peacock passion" series. Someone said it reminded them of Mexico for some reason. It sure is sunny!

Hope you're all having a pleasant weekend!!
Purse available at my Etsy, Shophandmade and 1000market shops:

1000 Markets:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monika Rose Crochet Creations Etsy shop

I met MonikaRose in the Etsy forums, and am thrilled to have discovered yet another beautiful artist who's passionate about her creative journey. She shares:

[I am] a "Happy married and spiritual person living in Australia who loves working with multitude of mixed colored yarn... and lots of glass beads, but occasionally dabble in embroidery, resin. ...I have a short positive saying, 'I am creative'. This I have stitched onto my sleeping hat and each morning I wake up I have many ideas going through my mind, I find it hard to keep up with myself. I love colors, yarn and hooks and now beads".

Though Monika's shop is full of happy, colorful crochet items, she's new to crochet, having learned only 2 years ago! Like so many, Monika couldn't learn from a book, and learned quickly from a youtube crochet tutorial series. She quickly fell in love with making mobile/cell phone pouches, and whipped up many. They look like rainbows in her shop, with their lively and pretty spectrums of color, and they're kind of like my crochet purses, but a unique and special mirror of Monika's own creative gifts!

Not one to fight the inevitable, naturally Monika found Etsy, where she initially sold cell phone pouches and bookmarks. In time, she added scarves, pencil cases, clothes. Monika shares that she eventually discovered beads, with all their shine and sparkle, started experimenting with all sorts of colors and combinations, and is now making a variety of beaded items. Starting with earrings, rings, bracelets, and bookmarks, she's now expanded her line to included a variety of charms, zipper pulls, bookmarks, and is considering adding necklaces in the near future.

Monica and I invite you to visit her shop, so please join us in checking out her store and blog to check out her cheery, colorful creations.

Mobile/Cell Phone Pouch - Colors of Fire:

Bookmark Glitter of Cracked Glass:

Wire Wrapped Bracelet - In Summer Colors:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clear Lake Creations

Denise, of Clear Lake Creations Etsy shop believes in decorating your home & body with fragrance! What really touched me about Denise is her passion for creating. As a full time wife, mom and full time employee, Denise loves to keep busy, and has come to realized that keeping mentally active with her creations sustains her. She says it best:

"My only way to survive in this world is to offer my creativeness to others. It's a passion that I've had since I was a child. The very first time I ever sold anything was when I was 7 years old. I started making pot holders and selling them to my moms customers. I then realized I loved to work with my hands"!

Denise is proud of her extensive scent selections, and includes an extensive description of scents on her profile page. I was stunned to count about 70 different fragrances!Please take a look:


I choose her Pink Sugar Soap for my first feature item. The description reads that it's a "Playful blend of vanilla and caramel...[with]...notes include Bergamot, sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, musk, sandalwood and baby powder."

I also like the relaxing idea of the Bath Bombs. Denise suggests filling your tub with water, drop in 1 bath fizzing bomb, relax and enjoy!

Lastly, Denise's lip balms are made with 100% natural vegetable oil, shea butter,cocoa butter, beeswax, and Vitamin E! The balms are available in your choice of several fantastic flavors!
Pink Sugar, (Aquolina type Creamy Whipped Soap) 8 oz:

Fizzing Bath Bomb: Your choice of 3 fabulous scents we carry.http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24423617

Fudge Pop Creamy Lip Balm. Choice of flavor (6 available)

Clear Lake Creations:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kate8085 Etsy shop

Kate 8085's shop is a husband and wife team who live and love in Kentucky. The shop announcement states that when not selling on Etsy, they are working at their tattoo shop, doing art shows, hanging out with their dogs, and watching too many documentaries!

I was happy to find Kate and John's shop full of nicely done and reasonably priced tattoo-inspired watercolor art, much of it framed and ready for gift giving or to keep for yourself as instant home decor! Many of Kate and John's original watercolors come in their own easel backed frames that is pictured in the listing, so the buyer knows just what they're getting!

I love John and Kate's vibrant colors, and each and every piece is cheerful and bright. Some is whimsical and humorous, and great material for gift giving!

My first choice was the beautiful traditional framed butterfly - number 4 in a limited edition set of 5. It's hand signed and numbered on the back, and comes in its own 3 X 3, plastic red easel back frame, making it perfect for sitting on your desk, night table, coffee table, etc.
My second choice is the framed 3 X 3 miniature heart, which is a limited edition mini original watercolor by artist John Massie. This cute heart sports a "Luv Ya" banner, and keyhole. Hand signed and numbered on the back by the artist, and is number 3 of a limited edition set of five.

"Born wild" is a cute print of an original watercolor done by artist John Massie. Kate says that "this is the perfect gift for the gal in your life, your Thelma, your Louise, or to hang in your own house." This "Angel" is hand signed by the artist, and measures 5 X 7, and is printed on glossy cardstock.

Miniature watercolor framed butterfly, limited edition. Tattoo inspired. Old School:

Miniature watercolor framed heart, limited edition. Tattoo inspired. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26216739

Born Wild art print:

Kate 8085:

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Jennifer Magnesi Design Etsy shop

Jennifer Magnesi's Shop banner says "Chic. Contemporary. Vintage-Inspired", and there is no doubt about that. Her styles rang from simplistic, to eclectic, to formal and everywhere in between. Jennifer says that she tries to use every shade of every color in the rainbow to create a wide variety of beautiful things to wear and to use.

Making jewelry has been a passion of Jennifer's since the early 2000's when her mother retired her old beading supplies to her. Since then she's turned her hobby into something she loves, and describes her jewelry as "Wearable Art". It's one of her favorite phrases, and it perfectly describes what she feels jewelry to be. She says that "Every piece we wear sends a message, creates a feeling, and is a part of who we are and what we want to say." She goes on to say that "Beauty is everywhere around us, and I find my inspiration from the world I live in - the ocean, the trees & flowers, the park, the sky."

Jennifer is really excited about her new Antiqued Brass Collection. It is a mix of vintage and modern, and she's made some fabulous pieces, which I've showcased here. Jennifer Magnesi Designs continues to offer FREE SHIPPING on all items, including international orders, and she also has Gift Certificates for sale! She also loves doing custom orders, and invites e-mail requests. She vows to work with all customers until they are completely satisfied!

Lucite Petal Flower Earrings - Free shipping:

Natural Green Jade and Antiqued Brass Earrings - Free shipping:

Pink Rose, Antique Brass Filigree Earrings - Free shipping:

http://jennifermagnesi.blogspot.com/ Twitter: JenniferMagnesi

Jennifer Magnesi Designs:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Garden Party, anyone?

The last summer hat I embellished was anything but cowgirl themed. I call this straw hat "Garden Party". Actually, other than stylishly keeping cool, it would be great for a wedding, party, (inside or out), vacationing, the beach, gardening, strolling, or anything else under the sun!
I had a lot of fun making decorating this hat, and wearing it should be twice as fun, and coordinates well with my summer fabric purses.
I've included the link to my Etsy shop below, but the the hat is also for sale in my 1000markets and Shophandmade shops too.

"Garden Party" straw hat:


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jacaranda Designs Etsy shop

Jane, from Jacaranda Designs is a Canadian lady who left the corporate world behind some years ago, and who started making jewelry in 2005. She loves to make jewelry, and says she finds it very therapeutic. She also shares that two of her passions are gardening, and the two of them come together here at her Jacaranda Etsy shop. She describes her designs as unique, fun and playful, but also elegant.

The Jacaranda Designs shop was no disappointment, and I found it to be overflowing with over 158 pieces of original, colorful and very tasteful jewelry! And, the beauty of everything was all the more enhanced with top-notch aesthetically pleasing and professionally done photographs! All this has obviously paid off, because she's also had hundreds of sales to attest to her success!

As usual, it was difficult to choose 3 items, but I chose a pair of earrings and two bracelets. I chose the bracelets because I happen to love bracelets, (but oddly, have never made any for sale in my shop). Secondly, I have never done any bead weaving, and wouldn't know where to start. Therefore I deeply admire anyone who can do this form of jewelry art. I particularly love Japanese Miyuki beads, which Jane has used in these bracelets.

The Topaz cuff bracelet is woven in a peyote stitch and made from Japanese Miyuki beads in a rainbow, mauve, topaz colour. The buttons are swarovski crystal buttons, and is supposed to fit fairly snugly on a 6.5 inch wrist.

The "Silver Love Knot Bracelet" is made from galvanized Japanese miyuki beads and a sterling silver clasp. It fits 6.75 to 7.25 inch wrist. Although the beads are not sterling silver, they appear to be.
Jane says that if you would like a bracelet custom made to your size, to please contact her.

Topaz cuff bracelet:

Silver Love Knot Bracelet:

Little Shimmer Earrings in Cherry Red Crystal and Antique Brass:



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Giardino Etsy shop

Pat, from Etsy shop "Giardino" comes from a long line of crafty women, and is someone who loves to make things from fabric and paper. She says that she likes to make fabric totes embellished with beads, designer trims and ribbons, as well as a variety of paper items from one of a kind cards to special paper boxes and other whimsical items.

Pat is a self-employed illustrator/designer with a large collection of fabrics and sundries from many years of art directing. From this stash and from her mother's life long passion for knitting, Pat pulls her fabric and paper supplies to create a lovely line of totes and paper products that stock her Etsy shop. Pat says that she got started with her creative pursuits by making handmade cards for a local gallery and fabric totes for her friends during the holidays, and from there, moved to the next step by opening her Etsy shop.

I instantly fell in love with the Giardino shop - Pat's clean crisp style touches the romantic part of me, and each and every item is unique and fresh, full of character, and created with great attention to detail. Her notecards are very attractive and of the quality one finds in fine boutiques and gift shops. The best part is that they fit well into any any budget.

Again, it was difficult to choose 3 feature items, but I started with Nick's Peony Card Set. Pat's own retro peony design is printed in six colorways on 80lb cover paper, and includes warm kraft envelopes. The English Garden paper has real flower petals embedded in it for a warm patina finish. These cards are perfect for invitations, thank you notes, birthdays, or keeping in touch with family and friends. Card measurements are 4.25 x 5.5. They are only $8.00 for a set of 6 .

Pat's beautiful countryside scenic toile fabric in French blue makes a great market tote. A sweet pink rosebud on robin's egg blue lines the interior over interfacing and double seams for strength. Size is approximately 13.5 x 15, large enough for 2 bottles of wine and a baguette!
Cherry Espalier Set of 4 cards - Pat's arboretum themed line art of espalier cherry trees and cut paper cherry blossoms cut from old paper company sample books. Printed on acid free bristol board. Card Size is 5.5" x 4.25".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy shop Green Dragon

Christy, of Green Dragon is another artist I met through the Florida Etsyfest team. In addition to her beautiful photos take from England, Ireland and Scotland, she also paints digital fantasy art, and is seriously addicted to making a LOT of seed bead woven jewelry. Christy shares that she grew up with art, but has only recently pursued it as a business. Business aside, the foundation of her work is the belief that sharing that beauty is what fulfills her soul.

The first time I saw her bead work, I was in utter awe. These masterpieces, (that she calls "paintings"), are made out of tiny seed beads! Take a close look at her Tiger necklace, and you will see that it's made entirely out of tiny delica beads - simply incredible!! I'm at a loss for words, but you'll see that her work speaks very well for itself...

Christy's "Autumn Stone" photograph, (shown here) was taken in England, August 2005, in Bolton Abbey, in the Yorkshire Dales, and the digital fantasy, "Symbiosis", was painted in Photoshop, using a mouse. She says that each digital piece takes about 40 hours to complete. All 8.5 X 11" limited edition prints come unmatted and bagged. They are signed and numbered, and printed on archival paper with archival inks (archival = lasts at least 75 years under normal conditions).

Christy's is a CPA, by day, and has written an article on taxes for artists. You can read it on her website at:

A Tiger - In Africa beaded necklace:

Autumn Stone photograph:


Green Dragon Etsy shop:

Personal website:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Newer summer purse

Another summer purse - hot pink and lime green cotton batik and designer Laurel Burch's "Ocean Songs" fabric. The batik fabric is appropriately named "Watermelon", and not much says "summer" more than refreshing watermelon! The fabric rosette just adds to its sweetness!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Country and Western anyone?

I was encouraged to try something very different for my summer hats, and to go in the direction of country and western. While it was a bit of a stretch for me, and while I'm not the Cowgirl type, I have to admit that I really had fun and that it stretched my creative "muscles"!

Here are the two hats that resulted, and that are cool in more ways than one! The "Urban Cowgirl" hat is embellished with a silver sequined braided trim and embossed bolo tips. It's topped off with a pretty vintage Trifari brooch!

For anyone who has an upcoming Blue Grass or Country themed fun summer event, or just likes to be a cowgirl once in a while, these hats are just the thing!

Check them out at my Etsy shop!

Urban cowgirl hat:

Cowgirl hat with denim trim:
My Etsy shop:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I discovered PCREATIVE through the Florida Etsfest team. Part of what I love about my features is that I see a bit of myself in everyone, and Paulette is no exception. There's something about her passion for creativity, feeding the soul, the striving for perfection, and harnessing the broad and free scope of interests and abilities that strikes a chord. Someone once said to me "you have too much". It's true, and when I laid eyes on the PCREATIVE shop, I realized that here is a person who has mastered the challenge while reminding me that while I've come so far, I yet have far to go. Paulette says it best:

"The first things I can remember being attracted to as a child were my Granny's button jar and scrapbag. Grandmother taught me to sew, embroider, and crochet, and repair my clothing. Her sweet patience and loving way with me was the best thing in my childhood.

It took me years to figure out that my creativity is what feeds my soul. I believe people should be able to follow their passion in life and not have to work outside that realm, but it does not seem to work that way....time was never generous enough that everything I wanted to do could be done....The gift of following the creativity that is in one's heart and mind cannot be measured in dollars and cents - true gifts never can be. I am just so thankful I have the time to pursue what makes me really happy.

Color is my biggest inspiration...I never get enough whether it is fabric, gemstones, yarn, or paint - [it] jumps up and speaks to me and makes me just have to see it, feel it, touch it - do something with it."

And, so one can immediately see that the artist behind the PCREATIVE shop is not only multi-talented, but loves her work and takes it very seriously. And, she's GOOD at it! Not only are the materials chosen of high quality, they are varied and unique in character, and are put together with impeccable skill and in endless ways that are always new and fresh! The colors and patterns are breathtaking, and it's obvious that the artist take pride in creating one-of-a-kind personally designed pieces that are never made the same way twice.

With page after page of mouthwatering decadence, again, it's painfully difficult to choose just a few pieces, but here are some that to me, are the stuff of dreams:

The Pink Bracelet - Pink freshwater pearls and sterling silver:

Greenhouse Anthyrium - 24" x 24" Original Oil Painting:

Pearl and Crystal Antiquities Earrings Born of the Sea and the Skyhttp://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=25769319

PCREATIVE - artistry by hand:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gems by Jerri

Jerri, from Gems by Jerri, has always enjoyed making things by hand, be it needlework, barrettes, or jewelry. After a hiatus from beading, and perhaps influenced by her job working for a jewelry company, she recently picked up her beading and stringing materials, only to discover that she missed it more than she has realized! So, with passion, she started making jewelry and was pleased to discover etsy as a place to share her work with others.

In browsing through Jerri's shop, I found a nice variety of colors, gemstones, and very reasonable prices. There's a little bit of something for everyone, so please stop by Jerri's shop and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience!

Mother Moon - Mother of Pearl and moonstone chips:

Blue and White - Turquoise blue dyed magnesite and pearls:

"Sea" necklace:

Gems by Jerri:

Monday, June 8, 2009


Dutch artist, Trudette, is a full time artist from the Netherlands, living and working in Belgium. She paints every day, in a method that she describes as "using oils in a loose, painterly method, with energetic brushwork and lush color application".

In looking at her creations, I found Trudette to be yet another artisan who's passionate about what she does - her love, joy, and enthusiasm spills over into each and every item in her shop, and I find each and every one of them just delightful!!

I also found her to be multi-talented, as her shop has a bit of everything, from crochet, to artwork prints - both sweet and comical. And, I have to admit that it was really difficult to limit my choices - they're all wonderful and show tons of character! I can't help but chuckle over some of her whimsical creations, her little insect, amphibian and human characters for example.

Most of her items are extremely reasonable, and it's possible to buy something for as low as $1.95!! Above all, Trudette emphasizes that customer satisfaction is important to her, and she welcomes correspondences about anything at all.

Please take a moment to visit Trudette's Etsy shop - you won't be disappointed!

Lucky Bird:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pure Kitcsh...

I'm so thrilled that my "Ocean and Orient" purse was sold right after I posted it here!! I have a pile of material waiting to be made into purses, and will be starting that today.

In the meantime, I've been experimenting with a new trend in eco-friendly home crafting - working with recycled plastic grocery bags! There are two well known methods of re-using these ever multiplying household items. One is fusing them into a thicker material that can be sewn into clothing or accessories, and the other is to cut the bags into strips and crochet or knit with the plastic "yarn", which is also called "plarn".

I had an abundant supply of grocery bags in the house, so deciced to give the crochet method a whirl. The end result was something very different from my elegant but fun yarn handbags, but interesting. I discovered that the weight and natural tan colored grocery bags from one of our local markets worked the best. There's something about the feel and look of those that looks less "plastic" and less stiff than others.

Anyway, at first glance, one might think the finished product is woven grass or straw. And, in indoor lighting, it's really difficult to tell the difference! Naturally I couldn't just leave well enough alone, so I dressed it up with funky ribbon, jute ribbon flowers and glass beads. I even used recycled fabric for the lining, and faced it with heavy duty interfacing to give the bag body and shape retention. I even installed a magnetic closure to keep valuables safe.

Here it is, with not a serious bone in its body! It's just pure fun, "trash", "Kitsch", wild and crazy, and ready for shopping, going to the beach, or whatever....

Etsy shop:
Shophandmade shop:
1000markets shop:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tile Me Beautiful Etsy shop

Michelle, of Tile Me Beautiful, is passionate about what she does, and says that she makes sure that every item she makes is something that she would be proud to own herself. Michelle says that tiling is something she kind of fell into. She shares that although she's always loved tile, she doesn't own a house. So, by tiling objects, she finally found a way to have the tiles she loves, and in a very portable way!

Michelle currently lives in Texas with her 4 year old dog who's her baby, and who she rescued her from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old. Like me, she's an animal lover who spoils her pup, and who thinks she's human, but who is also the best dog ever!

Michelle uses glass, ceramic, stone, and slate tiles to create one of a kind pieces. They take a long time to create and is happy to share that she's had enough recent sales to deplete her stock! She assures her buyers that new inventory is coming!

She also does special orders, so if you have something in mind or want to request a custom order, feel free to convo her! She says that she can even have your photograph put onto a tile (or multiple small tiles for a mural effect) and create a really special personalized tile product!I find her beaded serving utensils unique and pretty. You can be the most stylish host or hostess with these special and beautiful sets, which also make a wonderful, affordable gifts. As with her other tile work, Michelle does custom sets or utensils to match a specific style or color scheme.

Something Blue - Beaded Pastry Server):

Tiled Mirror - "You Probably Think This Song Is About You:

Feels Like Home (Tiled Serving Tray)

Tile Me Beautiful:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Little Fox Etsy shop

If you're young at heart, you'll love "The Little Fox" - a picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and bedtime stories fabricator who creates sweet, innocennt, adorable characters with sweet, soulful eyes! She grew up as an only child, and because both her parents worked long hours, and brought work home, she became adept at using her imagination to fabricate quirky little scenarios. She loved creating her own graphic novels which she says her mother still cherishes and stores in a special keepsake box. Also, in order to amuse and busy herself, she started painting at a very early age, the result is the wonderful artwork you will find in her Etsy store!

"Little Fox" especially loves Andersen's tales and Carroll's Alice books. She was always fascinated with what may be hiding behind a phenomenally simple expression, what story might that person tell if he/she was given the chance...Anything that narrates something can inspire her, from song lyrics to a quirky article about something in the newspaper.

Most of her shop inventory consists of small artist drawn prints. It's hard to resist these cute little prints which are all printed with archival inks on archival acid-free matte paper. Each is signed and dated by the artist, and will arrive sealed in a cello sleeve and a protective stiff envelope.

A nice compliment to the artistic prints is an adorablee stuffed toy - "Mina". This cutie stands about 18 inches tall, is made from 100% cotton, has a fully hand-painted face, hair of wonderfully soft wool felt, and is stuffed with polyfil.Mina comes with a pouch scented with lavender to keep her smelling beautifully and help provide a relaxed night's sleep for your little ones!!! (If you do not wish to receive the pouch, just let the seller know when you place your order!)

Included in Little Fox's inventory is a really novel idea that I just love! If you have a special child in your life, the "Little Fox Coloring Book" is the perfect gift! This adorable coloring book, which also makes a great gift, is a fun activity for any child, and a wonderful way to keep a group of small ones, (or anyone young at heart), entertained.

You can print the whole set or individual pages of the book as needed, and print as many pages as you like. The file comes as a PFD downloadable file with 11 printed pages, and features10 unique black and white Little Fox drawings that will print out on standard 8.5" x 11.5" (21.25x 28.75cm) paper.You will need a printer (the file prints in black and white), paper, and something to color with (not included). Slightly heavier-than-normal weight paper works best, however it will print out just fine on copy paper.You may print as many copies as you like for personal use, but reproduction and distribution of the file or finished coloring books including commercial purposes such as re-sale, is not allowed. Please respect the artist's copyright.Item will be emailed to the email address on Etsy, unless you specify otherwise in the comments at checkout.

This wonderful book is ONLY $3.00, and what's more, it's eco friendly and you save even more by paying NO shipping costs!

You Can Be Me When I Am Gone Print:

Mina - stuffed toy:

The Little Fox Coloring Book: