Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monika Rose Crochet Creations Etsy shop

I met MonikaRose in the Etsy forums, and am thrilled to have discovered yet another beautiful artist who's passionate about her creative journey. She shares:

[I am] a "Happy married and spiritual person living in Australia who loves working with multitude of mixed colored yarn... and lots of glass beads, but occasionally dabble in embroidery, resin. ...I have a short positive saying, 'I am creative'. This I have stitched onto my sleeping hat and each morning I wake up I have many ideas going through my mind, I find it hard to keep up with myself. I love colors, yarn and hooks and now beads".

Though Monika's shop is full of happy, colorful crochet items, she's new to crochet, having learned only 2 years ago! Like so many, Monika couldn't learn from a book, and learned quickly from a youtube crochet tutorial series. She quickly fell in love with making mobile/cell phone pouches, and whipped up many. They look like rainbows in her shop, with their lively and pretty spectrums of color, and they're kind of like my crochet purses, but a unique and special mirror of Monika's own creative gifts!

Not one to fight the inevitable, naturally Monika found Etsy, where she initially sold cell phone pouches and bookmarks. In time, she added scarves, pencil cases, clothes. Monika shares that she eventually discovered beads, with all their shine and sparkle, started experimenting with all sorts of colors and combinations, and is now making a variety of beaded items. Starting with earrings, rings, bracelets, and bookmarks, she's now expanded her line to included a variety of charms, zipper pulls, bookmarks, and is considering adding necklaces in the near future.

Monica and I invite you to visit her shop, so please join us in checking out her store and blog to check out her cheery, colorful creations.

Mobile/Cell Phone Pouch - Colors of Fire:

Bookmark Glitter of Cracked Glass:

Wire Wrapped Bracelet - In Summer Colors:

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