Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy shop Green Dragon

Christy, of Green Dragon is another artist I met through the Florida Etsyfest team. In addition to her beautiful photos take from England, Ireland and Scotland, she also paints digital fantasy art, and is seriously addicted to making a LOT of seed bead woven jewelry. Christy shares that she grew up with art, but has only recently pursued it as a business. Business aside, the foundation of her work is the belief that sharing that beauty is what fulfills her soul.

The first time I saw her bead work, I was in utter awe. These masterpieces, (that she calls "paintings"), are made out of tiny seed beads! Take a close look at her Tiger necklace, and you will see that it's made entirely out of tiny delica beads - simply incredible!! I'm at a loss for words, but you'll see that her work speaks very well for itself...

Christy's "Autumn Stone" photograph, (shown here) was taken in England, August 2005, in Bolton Abbey, in the Yorkshire Dales, and the digital fantasy, "Symbiosis", was painted in Photoshop, using a mouse. She says that each digital piece takes about 40 hours to complete. All 8.5 X 11" limited edition prints come unmatted and bagged. They are signed and numbered, and printed on archival paper with archival inks (archival = lasts at least 75 years under normal conditions).

Christy's is a CPA, by day, and has written an article on taxes for artists. You can read it on her website at:

A Tiger - In Africa beaded necklace:

Autumn Stone photograph:


Green Dragon Etsy shop:

Personal website:


  1. Awesoem feature. This seller has some amazing work!!!Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Wow- what a fascinating artist! Her work is unbelievable - I can't imagine the time & talent that goes into her beadwork. What a great find!!