Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I discovered PCREATIVE through the Florida Etsfest team. Part of what I love about my features is that I see a bit of myself in everyone, and Paulette is no exception. There's something about her passion for creativity, feeding the soul, the striving for perfection, and harnessing the broad and free scope of interests and abilities that strikes a chord. Someone once said to me "you have too much". It's true, and when I laid eyes on the PCREATIVE shop, I realized that here is a person who has mastered the challenge while reminding me that while I've come so far, I yet have far to go. Paulette says it best:

"The first things I can remember being attracted to as a child were my Granny's button jar and scrapbag. Grandmother taught me to sew, embroider, and crochet, and repair my clothing. Her sweet patience and loving way with me was the best thing in my childhood.

It took me years to figure out that my creativity is what feeds my soul. I believe people should be able to follow their passion in life and not have to work outside that realm, but it does not seem to work that way....time was never generous enough that everything I wanted to do could be done....The gift of following the creativity that is in one's heart and mind cannot be measured in dollars and cents - true gifts never can be. I am just so thankful I have the time to pursue what makes me really happy.

Color is my biggest inspiration...I never get enough whether it is fabric, gemstones, yarn, or paint - [it] jumps up and speaks to me and makes me just have to see it, feel it, touch it - do something with it."

And, so one can immediately see that the artist behind the PCREATIVE shop is not only multi-talented, but loves her work and takes it very seriously. And, she's GOOD at it! Not only are the materials chosen of high quality, they are varied and unique in character, and are put together with impeccable skill and in endless ways that are always new and fresh! The colors and patterns are breathtaking, and it's obvious that the artist take pride in creating one-of-a-kind personally designed pieces that are never made the same way twice.

With page after page of mouthwatering decadence, again, it's painfully difficult to choose just a few pieces, but here are some that to me, are the stuff of dreams:

The Pink Bracelet - Pink freshwater pearls and sterling silver:

Greenhouse Anthyrium - 24" x 24" Original Oil Painting:

Pearl and Crystal Antiquities Earrings Born of the Sea and the Sky

PCREATIVE - artistry by hand: