Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kate8085 Etsy shop

Kate 8085's shop is a husband and wife team who live and love in Kentucky. The shop announcement states that when not selling on Etsy, they are working at their tattoo shop, doing art shows, hanging out with their dogs, and watching too many documentaries!

I was happy to find Kate and John's shop full of nicely done and reasonably priced tattoo-inspired watercolor art, much of it framed and ready for gift giving or to keep for yourself as instant home decor! Many of Kate and John's original watercolors come in their own easel backed frames that is pictured in the listing, so the buyer knows just what they're getting!

I love John and Kate's vibrant colors, and each and every piece is cheerful and bright. Some is whimsical and humorous, and great material for gift giving!

My first choice was the beautiful traditional framed butterfly - number 4 in a limited edition set of 5. It's hand signed and numbered on the back, and comes in its own 3 X 3, plastic red easel back frame, making it perfect for sitting on your desk, night table, coffee table, etc.
My second choice is the framed 3 X 3 miniature heart, which is a limited edition mini original watercolor by artist John Massie. This cute heart sports a "Luv Ya" banner, and keyhole. Hand signed and numbered on the back by the artist, and is number 3 of a limited edition set of five.

"Born wild" is a cute print of an original watercolor done by artist John Massie. Kate says that "this is the perfect gift for the gal in your life, your Thelma, your Louise, or to hang in your own house." This "Angel" is hand signed by the artist, and measures 5 X 7, and is printed on glossy cardstock.

Miniature watercolor framed butterfly, limited edition. Tattoo inspired. Old School:

Miniature watercolor framed heart, limited edition. Tattoo inspired. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26216739

Born Wild art print:

Kate 8085:

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