Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsy seller "Webgirl"

While doing some searches, I stumbled upon the most fascinating Etsy shop - and she's agreed to be today's blog feature! Believe it or not, these yummy masterpieces are cellphone / Iphone / blackberry covers! I think they are nothing less than works or art, and the concept, workmanship, choice of materials and overall creativity is something I've never quite seen before.

Webgirl will create a jewel for your particular make and model of electronic gadget - just convo her with the details!
Please stop by Webgirl's shop to see more, and to treat your eyes to some "candy"!

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Sweet Girl Design 59:

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Juicy Girl Designer 36:

Iphone Cellphone Couture Cover - Black Bling - Designer 33:


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