Monday, June 8, 2009


Dutch artist, Trudette, is a full time artist from the Netherlands, living and working in Belgium. She paints every day, in a method that she describes as "using oils in a loose, painterly method, with energetic brushwork and lush color application".

In looking at her creations, I found Trudette to be yet another artisan who's passionate about what she does - her love, joy, and enthusiasm spills over into each and every item in her shop, and I find each and every one of them just delightful!!

I also found her to be multi-talented, as her shop has a bit of everything, from crochet, to artwork prints - both sweet and comical. And, I have to admit that it was really difficult to limit my choices - they're all wonderful and show tons of character! I can't help but chuckle over some of her whimsical creations, her little insect, amphibian and human characters for example.

Most of her items are extremely reasonable, and it's possible to buy something for as low as $1.95!! Above all, Trudette emphasizes that customer satisfaction is important to her, and she welcomes correspondences about anything at all.

Please take a moment to visit Trudette's Etsy shop - you won't be disappointed!

Lucky Bird:


  1. Thank you so much , I blogged about you too :)

  2. What a wonderful feature, Trudette has a cute store!

  3. Really neat stuff, gals.
    You are so talented!