Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Little Fox Etsy shop

If you're young at heart, you'll love "The Little Fox" - a picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and bedtime stories fabricator who creates sweet, innocennt, adorable characters with sweet, soulful eyes! She grew up as an only child, and because both her parents worked long hours, and brought work home, she became adept at using her imagination to fabricate quirky little scenarios. She loved creating her own graphic novels which she says her mother still cherishes and stores in a special keepsake box. Also, in order to amuse and busy herself, she started painting at a very early age, the result is the wonderful artwork you will find in her Etsy store!

"Little Fox" especially loves Andersen's tales and Carroll's Alice books. She was always fascinated with what may be hiding behind a phenomenally simple expression, what story might that person tell if he/she was given the chance...Anything that narrates something can inspire her, from song lyrics to a quirky article about something in the newspaper.

Most of her shop inventory consists of small artist drawn prints. It's hard to resist these cute little prints which are all printed with archival inks on archival acid-free matte paper. Each is signed and dated by the artist, and will arrive sealed in a cello sleeve and a protective stiff envelope.

A nice compliment to the artistic prints is an adorablee stuffed toy - "Mina". This cutie stands about 18 inches tall, is made from 100% cotton, has a fully hand-painted face, hair of wonderfully soft wool felt, and is stuffed with polyfil.Mina comes with a pouch scented with lavender to keep her smelling beautifully and help provide a relaxed night's sleep for your little ones!!! (If you do not wish to receive the pouch, just let the seller know when you place your order!)

Included in Little Fox's inventory is a really novel idea that I just love! If you have a special child in your life, the "Little Fox Coloring Book" is the perfect gift! This adorable coloring book, which also makes a great gift, is a fun activity for any child, and a wonderful way to keep a group of small ones, (or anyone young at heart), entertained.

You can print the whole set or individual pages of the book as needed, and print as many pages as you like. The file comes as a PFD downloadable file with 11 printed pages, and features10 unique black and white Little Fox drawings that will print out on standard 8.5" x 11.5" (21.25x 28.75cm) paper.You will need a printer (the file prints in black and white), paper, and something to color with (not included). Slightly heavier-than-normal weight paper works best, however it will print out just fine on copy paper.You may print as many copies as you like for personal use, but reproduction and distribution of the file or finished coloring books including commercial purposes such as re-sale, is not allowed. Please respect the artist's copyright.Item will be emailed to the email address on Etsy, unless you specify otherwise in the comments at checkout.

This wonderful book is ONLY $3.00, and what's more, it's eco friendly and you save even more by paying NO shipping costs!

You Can Be Me When I Am Gone Print:

Mina - stuffed toy:

The Little Fox Coloring Book:


  1. Great shop!! And really nice feature. Her books are wonderful!