Friday, February 12, 2010

Crying Calypso's Etsy shop

I am a lover of most things vintage - in fact, I have a vintage shop of my own. My oldies are all clothes, but Lulu's CryingCalypso Etsy shop has all kinds of neat things - textiles, home decor, and even some great evening bags! I love the colors and pattern on the her 1970s Retro Jupiter Platters and Dessert Plate (above)!

Here are a few more examples of Lulu's hand picked favorites:

For anyone old enough to remember, doesn't her Golden Sunshine queen bedspread really bring you back to that era - it's the real McCoy, alright!

And, aren't her Wonderland Cappuccino Cups cute?!

Because I'm a sucker for clothing and accessories, I had to share her beaded Moonstruck 1950's beaded evening bag. I get dizzy just thinking of the work that went into sewing on all those tiny bugle beads!

To see more, visit Lulu's shop:


  1. 感謝大大的無私分享 讓小弟獲益良多 終於知道網上還有這麼多的好東西≧▽≦"

  2. i think the plates have to be my favourite! i love that kind of patterning on stuff!

  3. Thank you so much for the feature! *big hugs*

    I just sold the cute little beaded bag this morning, and I'm so happy! I'm not sure if it was a result of this feature, but thanks so much anyway!