Monday, February 22, 2010

Greydogz Etsy shop

Anyone who's been following my blog knows how much I adore Greyhounds - the racing kind - a truly noble breed born with awesome athletic prowess - dogs who can go from 0 to 45 miles per hour in 3 strides! Over the years, we have welcomed Racing Greyhounds,  upon their retirement, into our home, either as  "forevers", or as fosters between the track and their own forever homes. We consider their stay with us a sort of "finishing school", and are extremely blessed to have them for this short time that can last weeks or months.

I met Joanne, shopkeeper of Greydogz, in the Etsy forums, and immediately fell in love with her shop. If you love Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, cats, or animals in general, you'll love her Etsy and stained glass shops. I'm happy to share a few things from her shop that really drew me in:

I just love this sketching, done by Joanne, herself. The dog in this piece of artwork, (in particular, the eyes), bears a striking resemblance to one of my former fosters, Willie. While he was a good racer, Willie was an incredibly gentle dog, and actually was the most timid male foster we've ever had. So, please don't confuse the ultra focused look you might see in some Greyhounds' eyes with aggression. I commend Joanne for doing a superb job of capturing the true essence of many racing Greyhounds in this sketch!

Greyhound Drawing by Greyt Designs:

And, Joanne has also done a great job of capturing the quintessential characteristics of Greyhounds in this one-of-a-kind collage artwork. Here, she's illustrated that Greyhounds come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, some of which can be innocent and child-like.
Greystripe Painting, Greyhounds, Dogs, Acrylic, Images, Green:

And, here are some of the stained glass works that Joanne also offers. Again, the form and essence of the breed is captured perfectly in the glass medium!

Home Stretch Stained Glass Window Panel, Greyhound, Art, Home Decor:

The Eyes Have It, Stained Glass Window Panel, Greyhound, Suncatcher, Home Decor:

Lastly, the artwork you see above, (under the header), is a wonderful piece of digital art for anyone who loves dogs, and it would be a super gift item! You can see it here:

Playtime - Digital Art for the Dog Lover:

Please be sure to stop by Joanne's Etsy shop and stained glass sites:

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