Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you to Nevita for including my black crochet party purse on her blog, boutiqueaholic! She's done a great job showcasing a nice collection of  black beauties. You can see more of Nevita's feature and blog here:

Also, I found some lovely creations in Nevita's Etsy shop!

It's hard to find wonderful needle pointed tapestries these days, and as one who has a whole collection of them, (that I've done myself), I certainly appreciate the time and work that goes into these works of art! I know, first hand, that it takes months and months, sometimes over a year, to complete the very complex and detailed pieces!

Nevita's calls her Tapestry Needlepoint Gobelin - "DAY", which uses over 70 colors! It's just fabulous!

She also has some great scarves, and even some adorable children's/baby items. Here are a few samples, but please stop by to see more!

The Nevita Etsy shop:

Here's another shot of my purse and the link to see more:
My shops:


  1. COngrats on the treasury iclusion!

    The needlepoint tapestry is beautiful!

  2. Thank you for featuring my shop.
    I love your purses, the look very unique.