Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter/Holiday themed purse

I hope you like my latest purse. It's perfect for winter and/or the holiday season. It's a 100% cotton reindeer and harlequin printed batik, topped off by gold braid trim, decorative black metal rings, and a lush velevet bow centered with a vintage brooch.

It's nice and roomy inside, with inside, and of course, it sports my signature tied shoulder straps. It would be great for yourself or as a gift for someone very special...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone -  happy shopping!

Reindeer & harlequin purse. Winter/holiday/Christmas theme:


  1. WOW! So pretty. Not my style, but I can totally appreciate it's unique beauty :) My mom would love something like this. Good job!

  2. That bag is insane!!! :)
    Absolutely amazing - but then so is everything else in your shop!

  3. That is beautiful! If only I carried a purse. Seriously, art. I love it.