Friday, March 26, 2010

Greyhound updates - new foster, Charlie, and Penny

Our Blaze has gone to a new home, and as of Sunday we have a new foster, racing name "AHK Call me Dad". Now, neither "Dad", "Daddy", "Pops", or anything else for that matter is one that canine and humans and dog care for, so finally in frustration, we started calling him "Charlie". He seems to answer to it, and the name suits him.

The other night we were outside photographing a low flying blimp, and I was lucky to get some really nice photos of the dogs. The guy with the "black eyes" is Charlie, and the other, with the sweet face, is our Penny.

Penny is white with Brindle, and is actually "two dogs", with a large brindle patch on one side, and white with pretty ticking on the other. Before we got her, we saw a photo of her, (taken from one side), and thought she was mostly white. But, weren't we surprised to greet a dog with a huge brindle patch on her other side?! You can see a tiny bit of her large brindle patch, (on her right side), if you look closely at her front view photograph above).

Also, take a good look at that "sit" of Charlie's. Anatomically speaking, a Greyhound isn't built to sit. Their bone structure makes it mechanically impossible and painful to try to do so. Charlie is one of the few "hounds" who can come as close as possible to sitting.

Have a good weekend, everyone!