Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy shops Folkartbykerry and Thereddoor

I'm starting out the week by introducing a wonderfully cheery shop I discovered last week. Kerry, of Folkartbykerry actually has 2 shops that showcase her artwork There's something pure and sweet about her work, that obviously is a reflection of the shop's creator!

Kerry shares that she's been collecting little bits and pieces, odds and ends, and anything interesting for as long as she can remember. Her favorites are shiny buttons, coins, and colorful patterned fabric and beads. As she found each of her treasures as a little girl, she would carefully place them in her specially made treasure box that she stored safely under her bed. One by one, she studied and combined each and every one of them to create a unique and special art piece. Kerry shares that, for her, creating art is much the same now as it was when she was young.

I hope you'll take a moment to take a nice break and escape to Kerry's shops. You'll find her work to be refreshingly beautiful and sweet, and ranging in size from minuscule art prints, pendants and tags to larger wall art. Much of Kerry's creations are very affordable, and if you're longing for a sweet treat, but are short of cash and space, you'll love Folkartbykerry and thereddoor etsy shops!

Happy moments card:

Butterfly post:

Believe it, Achieve it:

Peaches and Cream One of a Kind Vintage Domino Pendant (Available at Thereddoor Etsy shop):

Folkartbykerry Etsy shop:

Thereddoor Etsy shop:



  1. You are very sweet. Thank you for the wonderful feature on your beautiful blog.
    Best wishes~Kerry

  2. Adore the Peaches and Cream One of a Kind Vintage Domino Pendant. It is lovely. You always do such lovely write ups. Have you considered going into ad writing ?