Saturday, August 1, 2009

Petalmix Etsy shop

Again, I've discovered another fascinating Etsy shop - Petalmix. Shop artist, Olivia, loves tsumami-kanzashi, which is the Japanese art of folding fabric into beautiful pieces of artwork. Olivia explains this technique:

"Tsumami means "to pinch", in this instance, a small square piece of fabric. Kanzashi means "ornate hairpin". They are beautiful hair ornaments used for traditional hairstyles, worn often by brides and maiko (apprentice geisha). I have adapted this art form to create accessories for the modern-day woman, so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful tradition."

Olivia shares that the kanzashi hardware is quite sturdy on its own, but if you find you want even more hold, to use a strong bobby pin first to secure the hair, then clip the kanzashi on top of that. She also wants buyers to know that each item is new, never worn, comes from a smoke-free home, and is shown on a mannequin for sizing purposes.

It's obvious that Olivia takes pride in her work - she shares that she's is a highly detail and quality oriented person, only selling what she, herself, would be pleased to receive. She assures buyers that she ships in a timely fashion, (the next day in most cases), and that she takes great care in packing each box she sends. She also offers combined shipping, anywhere on the globe! Just pay the low primary shipping cost and every additional item ships FREE!

In browsing through the pages of Olivia's shop, I found page after delightful page of luscious Kanzashi items. Petalmix has brooches, pendants, and all kinds of hair items, such as barrettes, bobby pins, snap and alligator clips, offered in both floral and butterfly shapes. Olivia's choice of fabrics is impeccable - in addition to fine silks, she uses a fabric called chirimen. And, adding to the beauty of the fabrics, themselves, each item usually is adorned with beautiful crystals, pearls, other gemstone materials, and even sterling silver!

Please treat yourself by stopping by the Petalmix Etsy shop. If you love fabric and hair ornaments, or are a bride or know of one who's in the wardrobe planning phase of your wedding, you'll be especially pleased with what you'll find there!

The Rose tsumami kanzashi style hair clip (Top photo. Uses 4 dozen double layered petals in chirimen fabrics):

Pink kiku tsumami kanzashi bobby pin:

Royal Purple and Olive Tsumami kanzashi pendant necklace:

Pink and Green silk Butterfly tsumami kanzashi hair clip:

Petalmix Etsy shop:


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