Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For those romantic occasions...

This is yet another in my autumn inspired purse series - a romantic, designer inspired one of a kind handbag that has a very feminine and old-fashioned retro look and feel. It's already earned a number of hearts in my shop in the short time it's been listed.

The outside is 100% silk fabric in a striped pattern with wide bands of green and russet set off by bands of shiny gold. It's embellished with satin ribbon that's attached with hand stitching to mimic ribbon embroidery. The green ribbon used for the stem is edged with metallic gold, and the flower itself is a beautiful deep coral. I've used a large green foil lined bead for the flower's pistil and 3 iridescent beads for the large stamens.

The inside is lined with peach colored organza, with 2 large interior pockets that are machine edge stitched with holographic thread in a floral design.

This purse has the look and feel of days gone by, and because it's vintage inspired, I've decided not used stiff interfacings to keep it rigid. While not fragile in its beauty, it begs to be taken on outings where each moment is savored - romantic evenings for dinner and/or theater, rides in the country, Sunday brunches, and after dinner strolls. If you are looking a very feminine purse for very genteel occasions that are unhurried and romantic, this is the purse for you.

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Silk and ribbon embroidery handbag. Autumn inspired:

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