Monday, August 31, 2009

The AshTreeCreations Etsy shop

Ashley, of AshTreeCreations is an art student at the Museum School of Fine Arts, in Boston. Much of her inspiration comes from symbolism - horoscopes, numerology, runes, etc., and that she incorporates into jewelry. You'll also find sea glass jewelry that Ashley makes from beach glass found on the beaches near her home.

I found Ashley's shop to be a haven for the soul, so to speak, where the artist's love of peace and nature are evident. Also, I was delighted to discover that the creations in the AshTreeCreations shop are inspirations in themselves! For example, Ashley has taken the the centering symbol, OM, used as a yoga chant, and made it into a pendant. This small pendant is a great way to carry with you the calming effects of yoga with you throughout the day. It makes a great gift for the yoga person in your life!

Ashley also has a new line called "Positivity: One Word", 100% organic t-shirts that have one embroidered word to help propagate positivity! Ashley inspiration for these shirts arose from a need to create an item that promoted positive thinking during a difficult time for our country. Shirts are available in all sizes, and in blue with brown writing or brown with blue writing. She says that other words are available, and coming soon.

There's also Ashley's necklace for doggy lovers - the perfect necklace for animal lover! That speaks for itself, and as a dog lover, it has a paws up from me!

Please stop by Ashley's AshTreeCreations shop to get a better look at these, as well as her eco friendly "Bowline Bag" - totes made from 100% recycled used sailboat sails!

Grace Organic T-shirt:

Om - the yoga symbol necklace:

Pet Lover's necklace:

Bowline bags:

AshTreeCreations Etsy shop:



  1. That you for introducing me to yet another great shop & artisan on etsy! Super post!

  2. Hi Pat,

    Thanks so much for such an AWESOME blog post!!

    I also LOVEE the blog, btw :)