Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hounds Closet - fabulous canine collars!

As you all know, I really love dogs - especially my Greyhounds. Every March, our GPA, (Greyhound Pets of America), has a weekend long celebration called the "Howlidays". Our family always attends the Sunday event, where there is food, lots of things for sale, games, raffles, and just the feeling of joy being surrounded by a sea of retired racing Greyhounds.

This year, among the goodies offered for raffle were 2 of the most gorgeous Martingale collars I've ever seen! Martingale collars are special collars designed to keep the dogs, (particularly sight hounds), from slipping out of his or her collar when on lead.

Greyhounds and sight hounds have thick, strong necks, wider than their long, streamlined heads, and without a special collar, they can wiggle free and be out of site in an instant. This photo shows how the collar looks as it's being worn:

Anyway, these collars were made by Jan, a very talented lady, and were raffled for a handsome sum. I managed to trace the collars to the HOUNDS CLOSET Etsy site, and promptly purchased two of these precious collars! Here are our Penny (and her former foster brother, "Charlie"), modeling Penny's newest additions to her wardrobe!

I found Jan's shop to be loaded with a lovely assortment of colorful and tasteful collars I've seen in a long time. She has a great eye for color and design when she chooses her fabrics. I especially like the fabric of these particular collars, which is made by a very talented artist, Jane Walker.

Here are just a few samples of what else is for sale - aren't they adorable?!

Jan sells 3 styles of collars - regular Martingale, Martingales with buckle and regular buckle collars.

I might add that the workmanship is top notch - these collars will last several lifetimes, and are a bargain at their competitive price. If you have sight hounds or just like pretty and special dog collars, this is the shop for you! Please stop by!


  1. Ohhhh lovely! I'm obsessed with nice collars, and we use 2" martingales on our Danes as well. They have fatter heads, but not fat enough to not slip a collar if they put their minds to it ;)

  2. I love these collars! Very exciting. The bandanna one is tres cute.

  3. Greyhounds are such lovely dogs, so sleek and graceful. It wasn't long ago that greyhound dog breeders and racers treated these animals atrociously, so it always make me happy when I see people that have adopted them and have given these gentle creatures a nice and loving home.