Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jane Walker - the artist behind the finished product.

I want to share more about my Penny's new collars, (previous post), which is really a fascinating story all by itself. So many times, even though a creation is handmade, we forget about the artist behind the necessary raw materials. 

Jane Walker, artist and Greyhound lover, derives the most satisfaction in creating the basic materials for artisans to use in their own finished product. In this case, athough they're "basic", the materials are far from plain! As the former maker of glass eyes for miniature doll sculptors, Jane will always love seeing "her" eyes in the amazing tiny figures!

She's now moved from glass eyes to other mediums, including paper ornament kits, Greyhound and non Greyhound designed fabrics, cat, floral, mandala, bird, and other colorful artwork and photography.

All designs are availble through her website, where she has a very nice selection that includes non-greyhound themed designs.  Just contact her and let her know what you want the design on (card, mug, fabric, clothing, etc).

Besides her printed collar material and other artwork, Jane is preparing the release of a new yard goods line. The new design collection, which consists of Greyhound geometrics designs, (seen here and at the very top), will be available as yardage, 5" quilting squares, and for those who don't sew, specially designed bandanas, handkerchiefs. Because she' not fond of sewing herself, Jane says that she looks forward to seeing what her customers will fashion from her fabric.

Jane's fabrics are printed-on-demand for her by Spoonflower, a tiny business with a huge client-base of artisans, located in South Carolina. She's excited by the fact that she has an available palette of 965 colors, which allows her to offer fabrics in virtually any color imaginable. All a customer has to do is send her samples of the colors they want, and she'll create a custom color for them!

In addition to the collar fabric, Jane's Etsy shop has non-greyhound fabric, and even kits for making pretty mandala designed Passover and Easter ornaments.

And, for Greyhound lovers who want to know, Jane proudly shares that her own 9 year young Greyhound, Greta, is the model used for her artwork silhouettes.

Happily, Greta is still as peppy and spry as she was when coming to Jane 6 years ago!

So, if you have a Greyhound, know someone who does, or love to sew, please watch for the release of Jane's new product line!

You can see samples of all of Jane's artwork, including the new Greyhound fabrics on Jane's website:

Jane's Etsy shop: