Friday, May 28, 2010

The kanokwalee Etsy shop - crochet works of art inspired by nature.

I want to share with you a fabulous etsy shop that I've seen before and have always admired. I finally had a chance to offer the creator of these pieces of art a feature on my blog, and I'm so glad she accepted!

Please take a look at these wonderful, almost fantasy-like creations that are inspired by nature. Most of them are cool enough for summer wear, and anyone who wears them is bound to be noticed! I'm showcasing some cool, soothing colors that are just right for summer.

Enjoy, and have a safe holiday weekend, everyone!

kanokwalee's Etsy shop:


  1. Wow! This is just wonderful. Thank you so much!

  2. They are amazing, truly gorgeous! When I saw the very first photo,that looks like branching coral, I thought nothing could be prettier; until I saw the waterfall of crochet flowers, that one is beyond divine it is to Die For !

  3. She is very talented lady!
    Check out my shop: