Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The High Plains Knitter shops

I hope all my American followers had an enjoyable extended weekend and a safe and happy Memorial Day?

In exploring handmade shops, I realize more than ever that there's no end to the talent out there. So, with that, I'm happy to share another artisan who works magic with yarn. Dianne, of TheHighPlainsKnitter's 1000markets and Etsy shops, spins interesting, and colorful yarn into intricate, textured, and beautiful lace, some of which reminds me of Ange'ls wings!

I realize I'm showcasing knit and crochet works, lately, but I want to illustrate how versitile this needle art is, and that not every piece of crochet is for winter wear! Like Kanokwalee, the end result is a light and airy piece, but because of the very different yarns used, the effect is entirely different. Both are entirely beautiful and fascinating in different ways!

I love the yarns that Dianne uses - they are similar to the yarns that I've used in some of my work, and some look quite familiar. And, as she has, I've found that many of these yarns are no longer available, making these pieces increasingly rare and hard to find.

I hope you enjoy Dianne's wonderful work as much as I do, and please visit both TheHighPlainsKnitter's shops - you won't be disappointed! For those of you who haven't yet visited the 1000markets on line artisan marketplace, please stop by. It is a lovely site with a rich and appealing look that also showcases high quality arts and crafts.
TheHighPlainsKnitter's 1000markets shop:

TheHighPlainsKnitter's Etsy shop:


  1. very cute stuff! thanks for sharing!

  2. I just love The High Plains Knitter's beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing her fantastic designs....katy

  3. Dianne is one of my heroes; she has a wonderful eye for colour.

  4. Wonderful feature! Thank you for spotlighting such a gifted and lovely artist - Diane's work is exceptionally beautiful ..one of kind designs that express a subtle, yet secure, elegance and beauty. In addition, she is friendly, kind and professional. Her items are lovely as gifts for yourself, or to give...and, her flower appliques, for example, are a lovely addition to clothing, handbags, totes... and jewelry items :)

  5. Dianne's creations are amazing!