Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun with Flowers. July 4th fun?!

From last Thursday and into the weekend, I produced oodles of fabric flowers! It took me the bulk of Sunday to photograph and edit them, but I had such fun with the whole process!

I created a few with the upcoming American July 4th holiday in mind - in colors of red, white and blue. I've posted these these festive cuties in my shop, and will be adding more in the days to come. 

This one is red and blue - all you have to do is add the white, and you're set to go!

The beads in this small patriotic sweetie are mildly suggestive of "stars and stripes".

Here are all the things you can do with fabric flowers.

Patriotic and classy Fourth of July colors of red and blue -just pin or sew on white clothing or other accessory, and you're good to go!

Here are a few things you can do with fabric flowers:

*As hair ornaments/fascinators, headbands, attach to combs, clips, clips, scrunchies, etc.
*As a brooch for clothing
*Decorate hats, purses, totes, and other accessories
*Home decor - sew onto pillows or use as accessorizing focal points
*Children and baby's clothing, headwear, etc.
*Doll clothing
*Sew one or more onto your favorite fabric for a pretty necklace
*Use a single flower or as many as you like for making a corsages or wristlets
*Bridal or prom garters
*Decorate your car, office, and so forth
*Holiday decor, decorations, ornaments, wreaths, etc.
*Pet jewelry, collars, clothing, etc.
*Gift giving
And, SO much more - the possibilities are endless!!
Many coordinate with my purses and other accessories, and I'm offering a complimentary flower as a free gift with the purchase of a coordinating purse or accessory.
All my flowers can be purchased "plain", or I will be happy to attach a brooch pin or a hair comb free of charge. If someone wants a special or particular type of hair clip, I'll be happy to do so, with a slight increase in cost.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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  1. Love those patriotic flowers!

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