Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trinitydj's shop and treasury

I was so surprised to find a note in my mailbox on this typically quiet holiday. It was from a very kind Etsy seller, trinitydj, letting me know that one of my fabric flowers, (above), was in her treasury.

Sweet wine treasury:

The treasury is just gorgeous, and it was obvious to me, at first glance, this piece of work was assembled by a true artist!

After drooling over the treasury, I set out to find more incredible artwork, and was just awestruck at what I found - page after page of true artisan work, done meticulously in a rainbow of colors, shapes, sizes and themes. I would love to have showcased the whole shop, but narrowed it down to this collection - kind of a treasury in itself!

Enjoy, and please stop by trinitydy's etsy shop to see more!!

I hope everyone is having a  nice July 4th holiday!!

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  1. Wow, what a stunning blog post. Thanks so much for your kind comments re my work and the treasury. I've just seen your vintage items, and they are gorgeous. Want to make a treasury especially for you. Thanks, sweet heart. Lorraine

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