Monday, September 21, 2009

The Barefootweaver Etsy shop!

I never know what gorgeous shops I'll find on Etsy. Yesterday I learned that I never know what gorgeous shops will find ME there!!

To my surprise, I opened my mailbox to find that a generous seller was letting me know my silk ribbon embroidery purse was in her lovely treasury!!! You can view it here:

In following up, I was bolled over to find that the most beautiful treasures of all were sitting quietly in Cait Throop's Barefootweaver shop! I am in awe of handwoven cloth, and always have been. There's something about the blend of texture and color that really send me! And, weaving is one more craft I see myself aspiring to, but probably won't ever embark upon because of expense and space considerations.

As a young person living in western New York, I faithfully shopped the annual Keenan
Art Show in Lockport, NY, a stringently juried show, and in my mind's eye, I somehow see the Cait Throop shop among the fine artisans there. It's safe to say I would have gone home with at least one of her pieces. The only problem would have been trying to decide which one! If she was ever there in reality, it would have been at *least* one item per year!

Cait shares that she's been in love with weaving since the 1970's, and has been weaving since the early 1990's. In discovering weaving, she shares that in it, she found "not just color but dance as well", and that she's "totally in love with warps, wefts, textiles and their endless possibilities."

She dyes many of her own threads, and over the years, has changed her weaving techniques, and now incorporates interesting knitting yarns with various shapes and textures into her work. I immediately recognized some of the textured and ladder yarns as those I also love, and have used in my winter purses.

Cait produces beautiful creations in her home - an old farm that she shares with two horses, three cats, one small dog, and a very supportive husband.
I love it!

Sunshine and Shimmer II scarf:

Sunshine and shimmer skinny cuff:

Ocean Blue Sweater:

Stripes forever scarf:

Garden party scarf:

Handwoven Chenille scarf:

Fiber circle pendant:

Barefootwearver Etsy shop:

Cait's facebook fan page

Cait's new blog:


  1. Oh my goodness, Pat! Thank you SOOO much for this feature!! Your blog looks wonderful and it matches your work--beautiful! I'm off to check out your other posts! And I am thrilled to be here!

  2. Beautiful pieces! She is definitely an incredible artist, thank you so much for featuring her here. =) Off to check out her shop!


  3. Oh my goodness!! That is a beautiful shop!

  4. i am loving that scarf. gorgeous etsy store.