Thursday, September 17, 2009

More promotion

Seems like I'm doing more promoting these days, and despite my best efforts, sales are at a standstill. While I've gotten views and a few more hearts, there are still some lonely items in my Etsy shop that could use some love. I'll be updating my photos as soon as we get some sunshine (we're finally getting some badly needed rain, so no complaints about that). But, at the same time, Craftgawker, (very photo fussy), has accepted a my first submission. So, I know my photos aren't too bad.

Anyway, with autumn fast approaching and the holiday season in mind, perhaps someone is or knows someone special and young at heart, and who would love this sweet purse, (above?

And, the color of these biwa pearls make them perfect for fall and winter! They are so pretty with their iridescent pink tones over brown that remind me of antique copper!!

And, they match this necklace - perfect for fall!

Please stop by my on-line shops for a better look, and hope your day is full of life and love!

Brown "antique copper" Biwa pearl earrings:

Antique copper pearl Necklace:

Pony purse:


  1. Sales sure have been slow! I'm finally starting to work on some winter/christmas items in hopes of getting some sales but also getting my creative juices flowing again.

  2. Good Luck! I hope you get some sales soon. Sales have actually picked up for me the past few weeks, but now they are stuck again.

  3. ireally adore that small purse .. its really gorgeous.. iwish i werent a broke college student :(

    but perhaps a can drop a few hints to the bf for xmas ;)

    thnaks for you comment by the way.