Friday, September 11, 2009

I've been doing more promoting than creating or selling this last week, and in doing so, realize there are some items in my shop that are just - well, unloved...

The photos seem to be good enough, but perhaps I need some new, "fresh" shots, or different poses of some of them. Perhaps a human model might work for some of my purses, and perhaps my earrings could use a model shot???

Anyway, here are a few of my *least* loved items. They are jewelry items - admittingly a highly competitive market.

I'd love it if anyone would leave a critique or two about what I might do to increase the desirability of these viewed but "heartless" lovelies?!

Have a nice weekend, everyone!!

Chandelier earrings:

Silver foil lined disc earrings:

Black, silver and red earrings:


  1. Hi,

    Your pictures are fabulous! And I love your purses (below) - but I have to close my eyes cause I might impulse buy! LOL