Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Budding Creations Etsy shop

I discovered Budding Creations in an Etsy forum, and have to say that I was absolutely bowled over by her work! At first glance I thought, "what pretty flowers - they are so delicate and natural looking". Then, I took a closer look and realized they are all made out of thousands of TINY BEADS!! Just incredible, and the colors are remarkably true to nature!!
Their creator, Danielle, shares that her technique is called "French Beading", an art that dates back to the 1800's. Danielle spends hours stringing tiny glass seed beads onto wire and forming them into petal shapes to make these amazing flowers. It takes a lot of time to sculpt these beautiful works of art, but she says she tries to offer the best price possible so that people can enjoy these beautiful treasures. And, Danielle accepts custom orders, including more of a particular item that she has in stock, so please contact her with requests.

Equally endearing to these everlasting beauties is the story behind Danielle's work. Danielle states that her mother had a huge passion for flowers, and spent the majority of her time growing and caring for them. In 2000 she lost her life to lung cancer, and try as she may, Danielle could never grow flowers as well as her mother could. So, through her craft, she's found a way to lovingly carry on the same passion for flowers without ever having to worry about them wilting or dying again.

My head is spinning with all kinds of ideas of what to do with these flowers - from home decor, to using them as embellishments, to gift giving, wedding, and other gifts that are sure to become instant family heirlooms.

It was tempting to showcase each and every one of Danielle's creations, as they all are equally breathtaking and beautiful, but I managed to select these 3 beauties for showcasing. Please be sure to stop by Budding Creations to take a look even more - you won't be sorry! Magenta Hyacinth French


  1. Danielle!
    What a fantastic artist you are!
    Thanks for posting this, Pat.
    I have a few birthdays coming up and it's great to shop these creative arts sites!

  2. Just beautiful!
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