Sunday, May 3, 2009

New foster "Catch"

A couple of weeks ago, our sweet foster Greyhound, Suzie, was shipped "north" at the request of another Greyhound chapter there - somewhere - we are usually told more specifics, but not this time...

We miss Suzie, and because our Penny loves companions, we always try fill the gap by getting another foster right after the old one leaves. The day we dropped Suzie at the track for her ride north, we collected a sweet girl who raced under the name "Cmon Catch". We call her "Catch", but I'm having a hard time remembering her name, and am always trying to call her "Suzie".

All our fosters have been smart, but Catch is no slouch, and actually rivals them all! When fosters come in right off the track, they're usually very frightened because they've never seen a house, (or anything else besides the track and a Vet's office - where they're spayed or neutered prior to going into the adoption program). The first few days of retirement pulls the rug out from under these sweet, gentle dogs, and they usually miss their buddies and the humans they knew at the track. They're nervous and apprehensive with all the new sights, sounds, and even "feels" of their new homes, but really aim to please.

Usually the first 24 hours is the worst, and Catch was scared out of her wits, more than most, running around from room to room in a panic, panting constantly, and just generally terrified. For 2 more days, I kept having to crate her in an attempt to keep her calmed down, and so that I could keep track of her. Part of the indoctrination into retirement is teaching them that it's not OK to walk off with anything they might find interesting, jump on counters, help themselves to any food anywhere it might be available, drink out of toilets, and so forth. It's something like having a curious toddler, but for a much shorter duration!

Some of the more insecure dogs take months to fully adapt, some less, but there is always a transition time. But, for as "wild" as Catch was those first few days, in less than a week, she was fully acclimated, knows each and every phase of our household routine, and now acts as though she's lived here all her life! She's as gentle and sweet as she can possibly be, and she even runs and plays tag in the yard with Penny.

Catch is so calm now that it wasn't difficult to get several photos of her. She's so totally relaxed, and is completely at ease with the camera - a bit unusual this soon into the game. Greyhounds are noted for their love of soft, cuddly things - here's Catch chilling out and enjoying her cuddly bed!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Catch's story with us.
    She is so cool!
    So are you Gladraggz!

  2. Wow! You're really kind to provide this transition point for the greyhounds! :)