Friday, May 29, 2009

Elle Belle on Etsy shop

I found the creative inspiration that goes into to Ellebelleonetsy's shop to be clearly evident when I browsed through! I know Stacey from one of my Florida Etsy teams, and I've been impressed with her baby slings for quite some time. For new parents, grandparents, or anyone who is looking for a baby gift, here's a bit of information on these ingenious devices.

Ring slings are versatile, comfortable and convenient ways to carry a baby or small child. They fit into a diaper bag, and besides being easier on a mom's back, they’re really comforting for a child because they are held close to the body enabling them to be soothed by their mother's voice and heartbeat.

Ultimately Stacey has designed a line of slings that combine style with function, and that are constructed from quality fabrics in hip patterns and even a tattoo inspired embroidered line. Here is what her slings offer:

*Versatility - choose from 5 carrying positions for newborns to 35 lb. toddlers - (instructions on the various positions will come packaged with the sling).

*Ring slings are fully adjustable, so one sling offers a perfectly customized fit for both Mommy and Daddy.

*Comfortable - made from breathable machine washable fabric that supports the weight of the baby by evenly distributing it across the shoulder & back.

*Convenience - hands free and easy portability because of their light weight and simple form. Elle Belle ring slings also have less fabric than most slings on the market which makes them less bulky and hot.

*Perfect for nursing Mommies who can drape the tail of the sling over their shoulders for discreet nursing, and are much easier to use than retail backpack style carriers. Just pull with one hand to quickly adjust the fit for you and baby.

*All Elle Belle slings are triple stitched at the shoulder for added durability & come packaged with instructions that include pictures.

Another item that grabbed my eye was Stacey's "Etsy Widower" t-shirt! I thought wow, "this sums it up" - LOL! This embroidered Etsy Widower shirt is for all those neglected but supportive husbands who's wives are immersed in all phases of the creating and selling experience!
These are personalized shirts, and Stacey will place the etsy seller's site address on the shirt back in either white or orange. Customization requires a 2 week lead time to allow for construction.

And, if your little ones are Etsy orphans, check out ElleBelle's other listings for the Etsy Orphan kids shirt!

*Order the dad's shirt by June 5th for delivery by Father's Day!

Embroidered Linen Ring Sling. Cool for summer, in stock, and ready to ship! Machine wash, cold, air dry:

Etsy Widower t-shirt advertisement:

Ellebelleonetsy's shop:

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