Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Crocodile Rock Etsy Shop

The Crocodile Rock shop's creator, Mirela, makes whimsical goodies such as slippers, booties and even shoes! I found her lovelies to be delightful as well as intricate and well made. Lots of talent here!! And, the shoes I've chosen are incredible - I'd love to know how she does it!! They look incredibly comfy!

It's obvious that a lot of love, fun and enthusiasm goes into these creations. Knowing what I do about knitting, I can see that a lot of time and talent went into her slippers, particularly the pair I chose here. Keeping track of that pattern and all the yarns and stitches is NO easy feat!!!

All of these lovely creations are made by a work at home mom who's knitting career goes back to her childhood. Mirela states that there's a little bit of herself in each and every one of her works, and that brings great joy in passing them along to a happy buyer! You have to admire someone who can do all of this by hand!

All items are sewn & knitted with quality materials in a smoke-free environment, and will be freshly laundered prior to shipping. And, there is no problem with taking custom orders.
All natural organic lamb's wool tube slipper socks:

Green, orange and white Lamb's wool slippers:

The Crocodile Rock Shop:

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  1. I am always amazed at the many lovely shops you manage to find and blog about. So many hidden treasures. The soft leather shoes are you said...incredible. Anna