Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marion's Dreamworks

Chainmaille is a very old technique that predates the 5th century. It was formerly spelled "chainmail", and was widely used as an armor mesh for soldiers to protect the wearer from being cut by the opponent's blade. I've always loved and admired this intricate and laborious artwork, and rank it on the level of great Master painters. And, Marion, of Marion's Dreamworks), has accomplished what I can only imagine in my wildest dreams, and does it all extremely well!! Her work is impeccable, and her fine workmanship shines through in in every piece!

All of Marion's pieces are hand crafted using solid Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals. All of her rings are hand coiled and cut herself. Although her preferred metal is Sterling Silver, she will gladly make something you like in Copper or Gold-filled, and welcomes custom orders.

Please take a look at the incredible work that Marion does - you'll be awestruck!! I've always loved this craft, and for the life of me, imagine it must take in credible patience to make!

Sterling Silver Graduated Byzantine Chainmaille Necklace:

Double Helm Chaimaille bracelet:


  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic feature. I am truly honored!

  2. Talented Artist!
    Please take a moment to visit - you've won the 'One Lovely Blog' Award! Congratulations - you deserve it!