Friday, May 1, 2009

Lulu Borealis of "My Paradise Moon"

Lulu Borealis will be my last featured artist for this series before I take a small break for other topics, then will return to feature more artists I've met along the way.

When I started to prepare for Lulu's showcases, I once again found an artist who is multi-talented and passionate about who she is and what she does, and who's every bit as interesting as her lovely creations! Lulu is best known for her Blog and personal websites, as well as the Etsy shop in which she sells her lovely jewelry. She states that she's both seller and buyer, captivated by all the great talent that Etsy has to offer.

In visiting Lulu's sites, I found her to have boundless energy and enthusiasm, not only for her art, but also in her willingness to remain open-minded, and to allow her gifts to unfold as they may. I find this to be refreshing, and see it as being perfectly attuned to the Universe, giving ultimate trust to the process of life, and accepting, with faith, that it will lead us to our ultimate purpose in the scheme of things. It's not always easy to allow this process to unfold, but I've found that it's nothing to be feared.

As I researched Lulu's profile and blog sites, I was also pleased to learn that not only is she the creator of lovely jewelry, but she's a gifted artist, whose broad range of talent covers a broad spectrum, including writing. I was interested to learn that a good deal of Lulu's talent has been gained independently. She writes that she's self taught, and that many of her creations will not always be done the conventional way, but enthusiastically invites and looks forward to comments and feedback from others about her work.

Here is how Lulu describes her mystical journey:

"I love to create whether it be making jewelry or writing poems or stories or simply creating scrapbooks... I am easily inspired...I love to make jewelry it gives me a feeling of satisfaction to see something take form. I very often know what I am going to make before I pick up that first stone. I see it before its shape takes place, and then it's just a matter of putting it together."

Lulu says that she's always been surrounded by multi talented people, and that her family members each have their own talents in their own right, especially one particularly gifted sister whose ability apparently holds no limits. Her sister expresses herself through painting, sculpting, and also by creating beautiful jewelry. Because her friends and family are also creative in one way or another, Lulu is confident that they all serve as inspiration for one other.

She goes on to reaffirm that her creative process is continually sparked by those around her, including the people and pets who are closest to her - those she loves and enjoys very much. She says she loves to surround herself with friends and family, including her Jack Russell Terrier, Freddie, who makes her laugh, and who she loves and enjoys immensely. You can see Freddie on her Paradise Moon site that I've listed below:

I also love Lulu's ability to remain open-minded - something I find necessary to remain fresh for new artistic expression. Lulu says this about her free-thinking spirit:

"I can’t say that many things shock me; my mind is open so therefore it is always ready for more information or inspiration. I love to create so I am into some form of the arts either for fun or the intensity of expression. I design and make jewelry as an expression of a whim or an emotion that passes through me. The designs sometimes just come and I need to just follow the energy....I seem to go where the energy pulls me."

Lulu's artistic expressions aren't limited to jewelry making, by any means. Some of her other hobbies include card making, scrap booking, and creating handmade, embellished scrap books. In addition to that, Lulu is also a writer who enjoys writing short stories and says she's currently working on a book that she hopes to finish this year. She regrets that often time runs short and responsibility takes over, and that her creative side suffers as a result. Lulu states that some of my short stories can be found on Helium, ( ), a site that allows her "instant gratification."

I really like Lulu's Innocence Romance necklace. Its delicate Rose Quartz Oval Twist beads are very feminine and pretty. Please stop by Lulu's Etsy shop for a better look!

Innocence Romance Necklace - has matching earrings sold separately:

My Paradise Moon Etsy shop:


My Paradise Moon:
Where you can see her JRT, Freddie.

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