Thursday, April 30, 2009


In looking over the HollyzHobby Etsy shop, the first thing I saw was the hours and hours of work that went into her quilts! A few years ago, I took a class in beginning quilting, and learned how much I didn't know about sewing! After the initial expense for the proper cutting and sewing tools, and over a month of classwork, I came home with not only a small quilt, but a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for the people who create these works of art!!! There's no two ways about it, making a quilt is a L-O-T of work!!

Quilting from start to finish involves selecting the right fabric, calculating and measuring to achieve the desired result, the laying, measuring and cutting of each and every piece to the exact micron, sewing seams with *precisely exact* seams widths - not a hair more or a hair less, maintaining symmetry, making sure that the corners and seams match exactly, proper ironing, the actual quilting, (that can take up to a day, when sewn at home by machine), squaring the borders and corners, straightening the side seams, final adjustments, (hopefully minor), and finally the binding, which is usually finished by hand. One mistake in the whole process can result in a cascade of disasters.

With this in mind, the first thought I had when I saw Holly's prices, is that they were priced extremely reasonably - almost too low for all the hard work that she obviously had put into these wonderful pieces of art! Then, I read that Holly's quilts are HAND stitched, and I really wondered...!!

Certainly her prices weren't so low because the patterns were simple, pre-cut, that she had cut corners on quality materials, or that the workmanship wasn't up to par - all looked great to me. She certainly didn't whip a quilt after dinner in one night!

But, as I read over Holly's profile, my heart melted, as I realized I had come across yet another beautiful soul who's so passionate about her art that profit is not the first objective. Here is Holly's explanation about her work, why she does it, and how she determined her prices:

"...I have kept my prices low not because my items are cheap but because times are hard for all of us. I am not interested in making a fortune from the sale of my quilts. I love what I do and my greatest "payment" is your compliments and appreciation. Sure I earn a little money but not as much as some people do. I love what I do and that is the reason I do it. I set my prices so that the average person with average wages can afford them."

Holly goes on to say that Quilting is the hobby she's enjoyed for many years, and that she love to quilt by hand, the old-fashioned way, because she grew up watching her mother and grandmother quilting by hand. She's has sewn custom quilts for homeowners, and as gifts for both wedding and baby showers, and says that everyone in her family loves and enjoys their own quilt.

Holly says that she loves to sew with a variety of patchwork patterns and various combinations of colours and prints, and this makes each quilt unique. She says that every quilt she makes ends up being her favorite, and that she looks forward to the joy they'll bring to their new homes.

Holly's quilts are not bed-sized, but smaller lap sized quilts that are perfect for snuggling up with while watching t.v., as an accent piece, taking to sleepovers, camping, for young children, for babies in cribs, daycare, strollers, carseats, or anything else. Holly is sure that whether you choose to give a quilt as a gift or keep it for yourself, it will add an element of warmth and love, to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

Again, it was hard to select one quilt, so I'm going to feature two. I especially love the Whistlestop Station Quilt and Fabric Storybook "duo" that consists of a Machine sewn fabric storybook and a Hand-stitched quilt Size 34" x 44".

This "darling duo" is great for bed-time or anytime story snuggling. With the purchase of the quilt, the buyer also gets a fabric storybook about "Whistlestop Station" to go along with the themed quilt. The fabric of both quilt and book consists of beautiful pastel colours, bunnies, kites and butterflies and smiling sunshine.

Whistlestop Station Quilt and Fabric Storybook:

Diamonds in the Rough:



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  1. Thank you so very much for this feature. You have a true appreciation that really brought tears to my eyes. Your kind words are heartfelt and very meaningful to me. :)