Monday, April 27, 2009

Fox's Bunny / Soap With Hope

When I read the profile of Soap With Hope, or better known here as "Fox's Bunny", I could tell she's a lady who loves life and is very young at heart! She also loves soaps, scents, and sugar - but not for eating!

"Soap with Hope" features a line of soapy sugar scrubs with the label "Blasphemy". Blasphemy also includes special edition soaps that pay tribute to historic women.

I loved reading Fox's Bunny's profile, in which she shares that she's a 36 year old avid reader who's fascinated by physics, medieval history, the Renaissance, and who LOVES bunnies! She proudly believes in Goddess, Balance, Truth, and the Sanctity of Womanhood, and has lived out these beliefs as mother to three beautiful daughters. She states that she's also passionate about being "wife to the most amazing man in all realms of existence (My Knight Fox)".

So, as if running her own at-home business while juggling the duties of wife and motherhood isn't enough, Fox's Bunny is also at University working on her B.S. degree in Psychology! In describing her scrubs, Fox's Bunny states that she does not eat refined sugar, and uses it only for bathing. She explains that most sugar scrubs are just multiple oils and sugar that leave an oily mess, and that her scrubs are whipped and contain soap and olive oil. She goes on to state that this creates a foaming, creamy lather and NOT the oily mess that you find with most sugar scrubs. She also states that her scrubs not only clean and exfoliate skin, but that they smell and feel great. She's confident that once people try one of her scrubs, they will see the difference and never go back to another.

"Soap With Hope" Sugar Scrubs are made fresh upon order, and everything but the jar is handcrafted. And because there are no preservatives, the recommended shelf life is 2 months. "Soap With Hope" also offers "love baubles", which are jewelry items made from various materials. They can be worn as bracelets or anklets, are available in various sizes, and can be made to order in any color a buyer may want.

"Soap With Hope" is yet another Etsy seller who is TRADE FRIENDLY, and invites questions and feedback from others who are also interested in trading!!

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