Sunday, April 19, 2009


The moment I saw this sweet little goldfish brooch with Swarovski crystal eyes, I fell in love! The Japanese folded paper art, origami, has always fascinated me, and is another art form that seems so mysterious and complicated that I'll probably not attempt it anytime in the near future. I truly admire anyone who can master this fine, intricate art, and, without a doubt, Haru-Dori certainly has!

Haru-Dori, (which means "spring bird" in Japanese), has turned this fine art into pretty jewelry and hair adornments, and if I had to critique her shop in any way, it would be that I'd like to see a lot more of it there!

Haru-Dori, also known as "missmanatee", states that she's been folding Origami since traveling to Chiba Prefecture Japan over a decade ago. It was there, in a workshop, that she discovered her passion for folding paper.

She states that after returning home, for years she collected illustrated origami books, and found great reward in mastering everything from the traditional crane to the great stellated dodecahedron. Sadly, as is the course of many budding artists, (including myself), she felt there was no way to share her artwork, nor the appreciation for it, and threw most of her hard work away. Fortunately, when flipping through her collection of origami books, recently, she suddenly realized the value of her art, and decided to turn her hobby into something lasting to share with others.

Though not Japanese by heritage, she chose her shop name to pay homage to the dominant Japanese element of her art, and to show appreciation for the influence of it in her life.

Haru-Dori reassures her prospective customers that each of her origami creations may have a very delicate appearance, but are actually quite sturdy, as each item is coated with non-toxic varnish to increase the durability, shine, and lasting quality.

She also invites special requests, and states that if anyone has a specific interest which is not featured in her shop to please message her or to or check out the "Alchemy" portion of her Etsy store.

Please check it out, along with her blog, at:

Origami Goldfish Brooch:
Haru-Dori Etsy shop:


  1. Your reveiw(s) was so nicely written that I spent the time to check them all out. Thanks for sharing, and introducing shops that I might never have ventured upon so quickly.


  2. you wrote this so well, and i really appreciate this feature on your blog. i am just blown away and almost speechless. THANK YOU!!!