Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hollymark After Dark

20 year old Holly's biggest passion is writing, particularly romantic poems and anything about the subject of love! She's been writing for 10 years, and says that she'll probably always love putting words to paper.

When she's not writing, Holly makes items out of polymer clay - some mature and some sweet. She writes that she's always loved working with her hands, and enjoys seeing her ideas come to life. And, though she's only been an Etsy seller for a few months, she's already had quite a few sales, shipping to worldwide customers.

Holly's creations are very affordable, and something for that woman or adult in your life who has everything, and loves cute and whimsical things. I chose Holly's "Miss Daisy earrings" not only because they are both very sweet, but the name "Daisy" has very special meaning to me.

One of my most beloved dogs, and one who I will always miss, was my retired Greyhound named "Dazey". The other "Daisy" was very special foster Greyhound who was named "Daisy" by her new family.

Please take a look at Holly's sweet Miss Daisy earrings:

Miss Daisy earrings:

Hollymark After Dark:

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